Trees fall so that our tradition may live.

Trees fall so that our tradition may live.

We’ve been at 3675 for over a year now, and it’s no longer the “first time” we do anything in this house. It’s now the second time. Or, in the case of some things – like laying mulch – it’s the third time. Or the fourth time. Jeez – it might even be the fifth time we’ve laid mulch, dammit. That first time you do some “thing” in your home – especially your first home – is always special; I mean, it’s the first time. I think Hallmark might even make greeting cards for your first Christmas in your new house. But now that we’re on our second times (at least), I’m finding that second times are pretty cool, too.

We now have traditions. Temple traditions. Templitions.

Like our Christmas tree. Last year, we cut our tree down on Mt. Lassen over Thanksgiving weekend. This year, we weren’t at Mt. Lassen for Thanksgiving, but we couldn’t break tradition. Even our little itty bitty one-year-old tradition. We had to go out and cut down our own tree again. We couldn’t make do with a stale, conical, tree-lot tree (egad!).

So we rallied our new homeowner friends, Jessica and Larry, and we drove an hour up to a farm outside Sebastopol to find ourselves the perfect tree for the Second Fun Old Fashioned Temple Family Christmas.

The Youngs find the perfect tree for their "first" Christmas.

The Youngs find the perfect tree for their “first” Christmas.

Our official "second annual" tree is ready to transport! And I swear we didn't plan the red thing.

Our official “second annual” tree is ready to transport! And I swear we didn’t plan the red thing.

And you know, it might even be more perfect than the first one…

It's the hap- hap- happiest Christmas, yet again!

It’s the hap- hap- happiest Christmas, yet again!


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8 thoughts on “Templitions

  1. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    The “second time” is special, too! Even though there are no Hallmark cards for it (perhaps there should be, as you said), it still matters. After all, it isn’t a tradition until you have a trend, hence it is the second occurrence that constitutes a “tradition” in the classical sense of the word. But, I digress.

    “Templitions” would never accommodate a stale, conical tree from a lot (probably dyed, too). And congratulations to Jessica and Larry for embracing “Templitions” and making them their own. As you have seen, sometimes the second tree is even better than the first. And, who knows? Maybe the third will be even better. The important thing is that you enjoy every minute of it.

    And stick with the red thing. Next year, but a red sweater on the dog. And we are all proud of you for preserving the holiday in a fine, Clark Griswold tradition. The only thing missing is the snow, and that didn’t matter at all!

    Happy Holidays!!!

  2. CA-Mom says:

    Looks great! This year is different for all of us as we weren’t here to go cut ours either; but Bryce and Peter braved the woods and our tree is now up and decorated! Can’t wait to see you all next week. Where are the gifts??? Got to put the packages under the tree to make it official!!! Hugs – CA Mom

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