A Long Winter’s Nap

L >> R: Lisa, Sammy, Trent

L >> R: Lisa, Sammy, Trent

The Temples are nestled all snug in their beds over here; visions of sugarplums are dancing through our heads.

I’ve just survived what was undoubtedly the most difficult three months of work I’ve ever experienced – and that’s coming from me: I purposely go after challenging work and difficult scenarios like… like… I don’t know. Like I was my father’s daughter or something.

These past three months, though… They almost killed me. Almost. I put my head down on my desk and cried a few times when no one was looking – I’m not gonna lie (and I know some of my coworkers were crying, too). I fantasized about cutting my pay in half (well, shit – maybe more than half now) and going back to nonprofit life so I could slow down to a leisurely snail’s pace. Sure, I’d get mired in the bureaucratic goo seeping from the asses of the snails in the lead, but it would take at least six months before that would start to drive me crazy again. And in the meantime, I could use the sleep.

But no! I don’t want to be a snail! I actually really love my job. 1:00 AM international releases and all.

So I persevered toward those elusive holiday deadlines, even with what appeared to be the fires of hell licking at them.

And it’s all over now. Us folks in e-commerce have been to hell and back – it’s called “Christmas.” And for us it was over two days ago when the last package went out in time to make it to its destination by December 24th.

So I walked out of the office on December 20th and now I don’t have to be back until January 6th (well, except for one day where I have to check in virtually; I just have to, because I’m me). Trent is off with me. We’ve been dreaming of this time since October now, maybe even September. Our schedule looks like this…

  • Weekend at home (during which we threw our first ever Christmas party at 3675! Yay, new Templitions!)
  • Four days up at Lake Almanor celebrating Christmas with the family (and meeting our new niece!)
  • Four days back at home, doing whatever we damn well feel like
  • Four days in Dallas, TX, ringing in the new year with our friends, Nate and Lindsey
  • Another weekend at home, relaxing before we go back to the real world
Having a Christmas party is a great way to start our holiday break; we fully intend to fill our house with the people we love every year from now on.

Having a Christmas party is a great way to start our holiday break; we fully intend to fill our house with the people we love every year from now on.

We leave for Almanor tomorrow morning. Tonight, we’re snuggling up around the Christmas tree and we’re opening our gifts to one another and we’re feeling extremely thankful for all we have.

Our jobs are on that list, but I’m really, really glad that Christmas only comes once a year. I’m going to try to enjoy it for all the right reasons now, as much as I possibly can, and ward off dreading it’s arrival next year.

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5 thoughts on “A Long Winter’s Nap

  1. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    Nothing good comes without a price tag. Congratulations on surviving your first holiday season in e-commerce! I will be borrowing your snail analogy. What does it take to become a snail? Sounds so much easier than what you and I do!

    It sounds like you have a very balanced holiday season planned, some travel, some rest, some family bonding time (most important and joyful of all, no doubt), and very little work. Check in, if you must, but don’t let it destroy your peace of mind.

    And you didn’t forget the “thankful” part! Gratitude is good. And so is peaceful and restful. You can’t fully appreciate that until you have experienced the chaos. I remember that I disliked the holidays until I stopped “celebrating” them in traditional ways. The less I do, the more I enjoy them. But don’t skip the part about filling your house with the people you love! That’s a very good “Templition”!

  2. dtswampa says:

    Enjoy your time off!

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