Year in Review, 2013

And now, if for some reason you didn’t already receive it, we’d like to deliver to you our…

2013 year-end photo recap!


(click for lots and lots of photos!)

(And thank you, as always, Flickr!)

You might remember that we don’t do Christmas cards, but we do do this. It’s a way for us to look back on our year, and relive all the good times we shared with our family and friends.

Aaannnd… also point you back to the photos we took of you, so you don’t have to ask for them again. 😉

It really was a good year – we don’t have many complaints. And we like the note it’s ending on; all signs point to a very bright 2014. We just had a lovely and relaxing Christmas up at Lake Almanor, and we got to meet our NEW NIECE! Bryn Loren Temple. She is a cute little red-headed thing; sweet and delicious like a little strawberry. That’s my nickname for her:

So sweet!

So sweet!

We’re feeling good about life right now and what lies ahead. This week we take off for Dallas to visit our friends, Nate and Lindsey, and then it’s onwards and upwards into the new year. We hope to see lots of lovely faces in real life then, because you know – it ain’t about what you type on the innerwebs, folks…


The Temples


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