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So I’ve been on a rampage of brilliant ideas on the innerwebs lately; I’m not gonna lie. My 35th year has really brought about a high tide of digital creative juices. Especially when it comes to hashtagging.

Along with introducing the world to the fabulous #cleanplateclub a few months ago, I’ve now introduced it to the even more fabulous…


That’s right. I’ve been rollin’ this baby out for a while, but it’s picking up momentum. And this weekend, while celebrating my dear friend Carla’s birthday with her in the adorable little gold country town of Murphys in the Sierra Nevada foothills, we took the best snap yet of her infamous “surprise face”… Continue reading

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A Good Night’s Sleep

That’s what I’m finally going to get, after a couple of weeks spent plagued by insomnia. Because I just got this in the mail…

We're on the books with the CEA! Phew.

We’re on the books with the CEA! Phew.

Ta da! We now officially have earthquake insurance. On top of ongoing seismic retrofit work to protect 3675, which I just kicked into gear this past week.

Now, no matter how hard Mother Nature huffs and puffs and quakes and shakes, ain’t no mother gonna blow this house down (or rather, if she does, we can now afford to rebuild).

And for all those who think earthquake insurance is a waste of money, well… Read this article, and take a look at some photos from the Northridge quake, which happened 20 years ago this week. Then tell me you don’t think it’s a good idea for me to spend $80 a month to make sure my house doesn’t end up in splinters when the Hayward fault goes off like that. Or the San Andreas.

Oh, yeah – that’s practically a mathematical certainty before my mortgage gets paid off, by the way…

Nighty night!

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For the Love of Cheese


Memories of cheese: 2013.

As of today, it’s one month until the best day of the year (which, let’s be honest – is actually now the best weekend of the year)…

Cheese Day.

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Looking Up

Today was a rough day. But it sure helps to come home and look up to this:

Sunset at 3675.

Sunset at 3675.

Especially with all that polar vortex nonsense going on in the “rest of the country.”

If you gotta have a lousy day, I suppose California is the place to have it.

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Happy New Year (with whiskey) from Dallas, TX! That's where we partied, BTW.

Happy New Year (with whiskey) from Dallas, TX! That’s where we partied, BTW.

I just said to Trent (again), “Can you believe it’s freakin’ 2014?!?!?!”

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