So I’ve been on a rampage of brilliant ideas on the innerwebs lately; I’m not gonna lie. My 35th year has really brought about a high tide of digital creative juices. Especially when it comes to hashtagging.

Along with introducing the world to the fabulous #cleanplateclub a few months ago, I’ve now introduced it to the even more fabulous…


That’s right. I’ve been rollin’ this baby out for a while, but it’s picking up momentum. And this weekend, while celebrating my dear friend Carla’s birthday with her in the adorable little gold country town of Murphys in the Sierra Nevada foothills, we took the best snap yet of her infamous “surprise face”…

1..2..3.. Carla Surprise!

1..2..3.. Carla Surprise!

Now, only Carla really makes the killer “Carla Surprise Face.” But that doesn’t mean you can’t make it, too. And take one hell of a memorable photo.

Here are a few more examples to help you on your way.

Football is surprising!

Football is surprising!

Vegetarian Japanese food is surprising!

Vegetarian Japanese food is surprising!

(PRO TIP: it’s best if you have room to get the hands in by the face, but sometimes you just have too many friends for that shit)

Don’t forget my tag – #carlasurpriseface! I’m sharing it with the world in the hopes it will one day overtake the selfie.

The real Carla Surprise Face, though – only those of us in the inner circle will ever truly understand it’s awesomeness.


See all our pics of Carla’s Surprising(!) 35th Birthday in Murphys here.

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6 thoughts on “#hashtag

  1. Carla Daniels says:

    *sigh* I better just embrace this. I have no choice.

  2. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    Wow! That is even better than the “Marge Surprise Face”! I am jealous! Except mine is accompanied by a little “gasp” that adds to the affect.

  3. […] you know – the “day” thing is retro now, and retro is “cool.” Also, hashtags are currently my thing. I would hashtag the contents of my medicine cabinet, my refrigerator, my tax return, my planter […]

  4. […] thank god for my girls: Kim, Carla, and Marlene. We’re going to Yosemite on Friday and I can’t wait to get the hell out of […]

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