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It’s the last day of February, and I’m feeling a little warm and fuzzy as we close out the month of love.

Valentine's Day with my man in Chicago this year!

Valentine’s Day with my man in Chicago this year!

Maybe it’s because Trent embodied “SuperHubs” in the past 24 hours, chauffeuring me to my gal pal’s birthday party last night, waiting up with me while I made late night drunk food on a work night, then waking up early today to pack up our things and our pup, clean up the house, load the car, water the plants, and take out the garbage before we left for work, after which we’ll hit the road to Fresno for the weekend (and he’ll drive, OF COURSE). Continue reading

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Yard Update: February

Sam overlooks what will soon be a sea of productive green, rather than annoying clover.

Sam overlooks what will soon be a sea of productive green, rather than annoying leprechaun barf.

This past weekend, we hacked the hell out of the weeds that overtook our backyard after our recent long-awaited bout of rain. And hopefully for the last time.

Because while we were whacking, Brett and Dave from SF Landscapes came to meet with us. We ran through the latest revision of OPERATION: New Yard, tweaking our timetables and start tasks one more time now that we’ve been graced with the presence of a little water, and I’ve come to my senses about the practicality of building a second deck (we’re doing it!). We’re awaiting our last revised estimate, and we now have a start date set at the end of March.

And that’s all that stands in the way of our dream of a backyard food forest.

The countdown to ground-breaking is on…

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This weekend, I celebrated my eighth remission anniversary from multiple sclerosis.

I did it in the same grand, cheesy style I always do. Only this time, I went a step further. I organized a group excursion to one of my favorite cities in America – a town I formerly called home, and birthplace of some fabulously lactose-laden gut bombs…

Second City, first-rate pizza.

Second City, first-rate pizza.

Chicago. Continue reading

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Rain, Rain, Don’t Go Away


We’ve been in a heck of a drought here in California. The worst one in the state’s history – at least since we’ve been keeping records. Continue reading

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Second Job


If travel agents still had any hope of gainful full-time employment, I’d be changing jobs right now.

I just planned a two-week trip to Sicily for 9 people featuring…

  • Coordinated airfare from three different departure cities
  • An itinerary with five stops
  • Two private villa rentals
  • Private transportation everywhere on the island

In one week flat. Booked and paid for. For almost $1500 less per person than everyone budgeted. Continue reading

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