This weekend, I celebrated my eighth remission anniversary from multiple sclerosis.

I did it in the same grand, cheesy style I always do. Only this time, I went a step further. I organized a group excursion to one of my favorite cities in America – a town I formerly called home, and birthplace of some fabulously lactose-laden gut bombs…

Second City, first-rate pizza.

Second City, first-rate pizza.


There were a few things about the weekend that didn’t go right, like the fact that our outbound flight was cancelled due to inclement weather all over the entire freakin’ country, and two of our comrades-in-cheese failed to get re-booked. But a lot of things went very right – so much so that the eleven of us who did share each others’ company and a more than sane amount of macaroni and cheese have elevated “Cheese Day” to new heights.

You've never eaten anything like this; I'm certain.

You’ve never eaten anything like this; I’m certain.

Heretofore, it shall never again be just a day, or even just a regular old weekend. It shall always…

  • Be a destination…
  • Converged upon by friends on the Presidents Day holiday weekend…
  • We will break cheese when we reach the airport on Friday, and we won’t stop until we leave for home on Monday…
  • Past cheese comrades will always be included in future “Cheeseaversary Adventures;” come just once, and you’ve made a group of cheesy friends for life…
  • Our agenda will always be to eat, drink, and be merry – for there is no better way to celebrate life and good health and, let’s be honest – there’s really no better way to experience a city.

For simplicity’s sake, we gave the inaugural Chicago Cheeseaversary Adventure the hashtag #cheeseday2014 because, you know – the “day” thing is retro now, and retro is “cool.” Also, hashtags are currently my thing. I would hashtag the contents of my medicine cabinet, my refrigerator, my tax return, my planter beds – if only I could figure out a way.



And we decided that we’ll celebrate nine years of remission for #cheeseday2015 in New Orleans.

So, comrades in cheese, you know who you are – see you there.

DOUBLE HASHTAG! #cheeseday2014 #carlasurpriseface Even if you weren't with us this weekend, you know who you are – see you in 2015!

DOUBLE HASHTAG! #cheeseday2014 #carlasurpriseface Even if you weren’t with us this weekend, you know who you are – see you in 2015!


See all our pictures of the (snowy, cheesy) Windy City here.

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12 thoughts on “8

  1. Carla Daniels says:

    It’s good to see I was there in spirit. 🙂

  2. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    You have taken cheese to new heights. And I like the idea of a different “theme” each year. Mardi Gras should be delightful. An entire weekend themed around cheese. Imagine!

    Can you teach me about that hashtag thing?

    I think I will go eat some cheese now.

  3. peter S. says:

    My Dear
    our thoughts are with you,keep up the good work and we all hope that it will all come into play keep good thoughts ours are with you, and hopefully we’ll see you when we get back,most of all take good care of SAMMY and the man of the house
    peter & rosie

  4. Love this!!! Happy we could be there 🙂

  5. Kathryn says:

    So sad that we missed your visit to Chicago! Glad you had a good time!

  6. […] my fears were fleeting. I slapped some sense back into myself because dammit, this is Cheese Day. CHEESE DAY!!! Remissaversary. There is NO PARTY too big for this celebration – not even Mardi Gras! […]

  7. […] Cheese extravaganzas […]

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