It’s the last day of February, and I’m feeling a little warm and fuzzy as we close out the month of love.

Valentine's Day with my man in Chicago this year!

Valentine’s Day with my man in Chicago this year!

Maybe it’s because Trent embodied “SuperHubs” in the past 24 hours, chauffeuring me to my gal pal’s birthday party last night, waiting up with me while I made late night drunk food on a work night, then waking up early today to pack up our things and our pup, clean up the house, load the car, water the plants, and take out the garbage before we left for work, after which we’ll hit the road to Fresno for the weekend (and he’ll drive, OF COURSE).

Oh! And while bustling around the house this morning (like only a real man can) he pointed out to me that the orchid he’s been lovingly attending to since we moved into our house (it was a housewarming gift, after all) has just started re-blooming. WITH A VENGEANCE.

It lives!

It lives!

Can your husband get an orchid to rebloom? I didn’t think so…

But then again, your husband probably doesn’t idolize his grandmother, like mine does. That’s who we’re going to see in Fresno this weekend. She has ten green digits and she passed most of them along to Trent, and she turns 91 this weekend. She also hasn’t been feeling too hot of late, and I know Trent can’t wait to get to Fresno and see her.

Trent with his favorite people (besides me, of course).

Trent with his favorite people (besides me, of course).

Like me, my husband looks up to both his grandparents. He admires their work ethic, their values, their appreciation for a quieter lifestyle. Both of us came to realize a while ago that our grandparents represent a lot of what we’re reaching for in this life.

Not the least of which is to sit side by side some day after many, many years together, watching golf and listening to the birds chirping outside.

By the way – as of January 13th, Trent’s grandparents have been side by side for 75 years.





January 13, 1939 – he was 19 and she was 15. If ending the month of love with two people who’ve been married 75 years isn’t one hell of an exclamation mark, I don’t know what is.

Young stud...

Young stud…

Hot lady...

Hot lady…

In love in the 70s.

In love in the 70s.

Just chillin' with his arm around his lady...

Just chillin’ with his arm around his lady, another 40 years later…

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5 thoughts on “75

  1. Emily says:

    Have a great weekend! Wish Dorothy a Happy Birthday from us! I love the old photos!!!

  2. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    What a beautiful testimony about love! Not too many people stay married for 75 years, a truly remarkable accomplishment. I have no doubt that you will make it 75 with a wonderful husband like Trent. I can totally picture you both sitting on the deck overlooking your little garden and enjoying your golden years together. I only wish that I could be there to see it.

    • lisatemp says:

      I actually think it’s physically impossible for us to be married 75 years, and would be pretty darn freaky if you were there to see it. But thanks for the sweet sentiment, Munga! xxx

  3. […] things didn’t go quite as planned in Fresno this past weekend, as you can see… However, they were awesome, all the […]

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