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Farewell, crappy flagstones. With your missing mortar, all uneven and cracking and being a PAIN IN MY ASS on a rainy day.

Ugh. I hate you so much.

Ugh. I hate you so much.

We finally found a contractor who can rip out both tiers of deteriorating flagstone patio in our backyard, plus the rock retaining wall and the insufficient stone steps, and redo it all. The way we want it – level, clean, with a concrete foundation and mortar in all the right places. With stairs in all the right places, too (the right number of them, even). Walls where there need to be walls.

And a better, impenetrable firepit!

For a price we’re happy with.

And we actually believe he can do it. Better yet – we honest to god like him.

Deal inked. T-minus one week until we finally – despite all the work we’ve done – feel like we’ve showed the yard who’s boss.

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Sometimes they’re sad. Sometimes they’re drunk.

Bon voyage-ing down Broadway for Anthony.

Bon voyage-ing down Broadway for Anthony.

Typically I find that when they’re drunk, they’re less sad. At least until you get to the very final moment – the moment when you really have nothing left to do but “say goodbye.” And then really, if tears do fall, you’re probably just drunk crying – does that count? I honestly love that part.

You see how useful drunkenness is?

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One of the beautiful things about this blog is that it’s mine. In all it’s non-glory.

It’s the story of my rather unfabulous life, full of home improvement, dogs, vacation days spent on family visits, late work nights devoted to e-commerce, and falling asleep on the couch.

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And the trophy goes to…

Julie Brown (for Third Place)!

Let’s be real, though – third place is an awesome honor in this contest.

I’m talking about the World Championships of Friends Who Visit Lisa. In this illustrious (ongoing) event, Julie just cemented her position by coming to visit from Boston yet again this past weekend. In the World Championships of Friends Who Visit Julie, I don’t think I’m in third place – which is why she’s even more awesome. But hey – I’m up and coming. So WATCH OUT!

JULIE IN SF, 2014! With her boyfriend, Adam. Oyster happy hour!

JULIE IN SF, 2014! With her boyfriend, Adam. Oyster happy hour!

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It looks like this:


A completely miserable yet adorable three month old redheaded chubby cheeked baby girl, furious at me for daring to buy her mom a photo shoot for Christmas.

So, things didn’t go quite as planned in Fresno this past weekend, as you can see… However, they were awesome, all the same.

Dammit, I love this picture. It’s getting framed for the top of the piano.

And someday when she’s a teenager, she will hate us and wonder why…

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