Stone Start

It’s day one of OPERATION: NEW PATIO (the next phase of OPERATION: NEW BACKYARD)!

Sam oversees Mesui Concrete + Asphalt.

Sam oversees Mesui Concrete + Asphalt.

I’ve never been so happy in my whole life to come home to a giant f#@%ing mess as I was today. Why? Because our double-decker flagstone patio was the worst. THE WORST, I tell you, flagstone patio in existence.

This is not hyperbole. This is a fact. We’re not sure if the stones ever had mortar or anything in between them or what, but by the time we moved into 3675, all we do know is…

  • Everything was uneven.
  • Many stones had cracked, or would crack if you sneezed on them.
  • Nothing was joining the stones together except dirt, which was swept away during dry weather and turned to mud during wet weather and OH – weeds loved this. They. just. loved. it.
  • The stone stairs down to the main lawn – obviously the most highly trafficked – were all dangerously loose to the point that we had to limit our beer consumption in the backyard. AND WHAT GOOD IS YOUR OWN 6,000 SQUARE FOOT YARD IF YOU HAVE TO LIMIT YOUR BEER CONSUMPTION BECAUSE OF FALL HAZARDS?
  • The whole thing was basically dirty and crumbly and janky as shit. Janky-ass.

It took a year and a half to figure out the plan for tackling this giant uneven-weed-farm-beer-hating-trip-and-fall-janky-ass-hazard. But we finally did it.

And today is the day. The day that two giant Tongan men capable of obliterating the old patio and bringing order to chaos through concrete and mortar, marrying new stones with old, walked into our backyard and our hearts.

At the end of day one, the entire upper tier of patio and the boulder retaining wall is demoed. Our dog is in heaven, smelling everything upturned back there (he is also dirty as hell). Our spirits are light, imagining the rest of the stones’ demise tomorrow. I am drinking a beer from the safety of the upstairs deck, where I cannot trip and fall, imagining looking out on a blank canvas for new concrete (where I also cannot trip and fall) by this time tomorrow…

Step outside while that step is still there...

Step outside while that step is still there…

Beautiful, productive, mess.

Beautiful, productive, mess.

Next to go: steps and all the rest of it.

Next to go: steps and all the rest of it.


We just keep conquering that to-do list. See the whole story of the taming of 3675 in pictures here.

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4 thoughts on “Stone Start

  1. Marge Wisniewski says:

    Your grandfather is thrilled to hear about your exploits with stone and mortar! It recalls his past work in California where he did patios and block walls. Again, this love of landscaping is something in your gene pool. It is great to watch order emerging from the chaos of all that stone and mud and dirt. What a work of art it will be! And a paradise for Sammy to explore anew. I am glad you are happy with the progress. Something so fulfilling about building things and watching them grow. Satisfied the primal instincts in us! Love it!

  2. Viola says:

    Very cool. Can’t wait to see it someday!

  3. […] new bi-level flagstone patio is finished. AND IT’S AMAZING. But it’s too messy back there to share right now; we […]

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