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We’re back from Sicily!

Two glorious weeks on a ruggedly beautiful Mediterranean island treated us well. So well, that we’re drowning in photos and videos right now.

And by now it’s also obvious, I’m sure, that I’m really sort of roadblocked in terms of sharing too much until I have everything just so. I need all my photos collected, compiled, edited, and color-corrected (by the hubs, of course). I need them on Flickr first, sorted and tagged and disseminated to all the relevant (nagging) parties. And THEN I can think about sharing them here.

Such are the problems of the anal-retentive.

But, it’s worth jumping the gun to share just a few right now, because…

It just so happens that yesterday – our first day home – was Trent’s and my third wedding anniversary. We used the trip as an extended celebration because, really – what better place to celebrate your wedding anniversary than Italy? And what better place in Italy to celebrate anything than Sicily?

(answer: nowhere)

And we knew we wouldn’t have the energy to celebrate much on the day we returned home, under the weight of nine hours of jetlag. Blah. So…

Here are a few snaps, ahead of schedule, in honor of our third anniversary. They embody both the spirit of Team Temple and the beauty of Sicily; the love we have for each other and the passion we feel for this amazing hunk of rock in the crystal blue Mediterranean.

To which we think we will certainly return often in our lifetime together, and celebrate more anniversaries in the future (not to mention, whatever birthdays Munga keeps kicking around for).

Stay tuned for more…

One of many anniversary toasts.

One of many anniversary toasts.

Keeping warm above the Alcantara Gorge on Mount Etna.

Keeping warm above the Alcantara Gorge on Mount Etna.

Sunset stroll in Taormina.

Sunset stroll in Taormina.

Temples with a temple!

Temples with a temple!

Sailing the Mediterranean Sea.

Sailing the Mediterranean Sea.

Love among the ruins of antiquity (thanks, M!).

Love among the ruins of antiquity (thanks, M!).

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2 thoughts on “Press Play

  1. Marge Wisniewski says:

    Happy Anniversary!! And I am so glad you fell in love with Sicily the way I did. We are part of that place and it will always be part of us. I would go back with you any time!!

  2. CA-Mom says:

    Glad to hear your home — and Congrats on your 3rd!!! Have a relaxing Memorial Day and weekend. Wish you were with us! Hugs….

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