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Old House Treasure

Guess what happens when SuperWifé hears a scary pest control commercial on the radio while driving home from work, then demands SuperHubs spend a Thursday night cleaning out the random crap in the basement lest we get a drywood termite infestation?!?!?!


Like a 1987 full-wall classroom map of Alameda county and a freakin' HAMMOCK!

Like a 1987 full-wall classroom map of Alameda county and a freakin’ HAMMOCK!

Slave Driver wins again! Everybody wins when you work after work on a weeknight. 🙂

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One for the Record Books

Our annual Truckee River tubing weekend in Reno has now come and gone. Our fifth such adventure of floating debauchery in Class 2 rapids with no helmets or life jackets.

I’m sad it’s over, as it’s my favorite weekend of the summer, but I have to say – this year, I’m also simultaneously a little happy it’s over. Because it means I survived.

We took our epic river adventuring to new heights this year. We met strangers. We met the river bottom. We got Reno’d. Real hard. And then we got out of the water, disco napped, and headed out until 4:30 AM, on a night that starred all our old favorites and some new discoveries (like a karaoke DJ that looked like Prince in a white fedora with a crew of backup singers who could cover the Temptations in perfect four-part harmony) .

I’m almost tempted to say we’re getting too old for this, but I know we’ll never learn.

The 2014 Renosabes (minus Jon): Trent, Lisa, Troy, Rhea, Allison, Majella, Dicky.

The 2014 Renosabes (minus Jon): Trent, Lisa, Troy, Rhea, Allison, Majella, Dicky.

See you again in 363 days, Reno…


See all our pics of the Fifth Annual Truckee River tubing weekend here.

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Covering Ground

We’ve given up on grass.

California is on the brink of what could be a century of drought. We’ve had just 9 inches of rain in the past year here in Oakland. That’s an apocalypse stat, people.

It’s officially too dry for grass to grow any more.

At first, that made us a little sad, since we have a really pretty raised grass lawn in our yard. It’s kind of the yard’s centerpiece, really. I’m not gonna lie – I shed a few tears as I gazed out at our rapidly-yellowing centerpiece every evening.

We even tried a methodical reduced watering schedule that juuust miiight have gotten us through, but who were we kidding. ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF DROUGHT, PEOPLE. Continue reading

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Over At Last

The Extremely Frustrating Home Improvement Project.

Thank god.

And since all our friends and family keep asking where the hell we’ve been every weekend for the past THREE MONTHS, well… Here’s the whole long story, as short as I can make it.


Okay. Continue reading

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July 4th: Doings at the Diggins

Happy 4th of July from Gold Country.

Happy 4th of July from Gold Country.

We had the best kind of 4th of July holiday this year. One filled with family, good friends, our pup, nature, history, and patriotism – the right kind of patriotism.

We celebrated Independence Day on a three-day campout at Malakoff Diggins State Historic Park, in a remote stretch of the California Gold Country: about 25 miles northeast of Nevada City. And it all came together rather last minute, too. Our original plan to spend the weekend with Scott and Kristen at their cabin above Shaver Lake unraveled (sigh – that’s what happens when you let the boys do the planning). But aside from getting a wee bit lost outside Nevada City on a rugged dirt “shortcut” not advised by Google Maps (and now we know why), things couldn’t have turned out better. Continue reading

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