Covering Ground

We’ve given up on grass.

California is on the brink of what could be a century of drought. We’ve had just 9 inches of rain in the past year here in Oakland. That’s an apocalypse stat, people.

It’s officially too dry for grass to grow any more.

At first, that made us a little sad, since we have a really pretty raised grass lawn in our yard. It’s kind of the yard’s centerpiece, really. I’m not gonna lie – I shed a few tears as I gazed out at our rapidly-yellowing centerpiece every evening.

We even tried a methodical reduced watering schedule that juuust miiight have gotten us through, but who were we kidding. ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF DROUGHT, PEOPLE.

Those morning wake-up calls from NPR reporting on the droughtpocalypse motivated us to get over that shit. This weekend we made the decision to hit up the ACE Lawn & Garden Center on Grand Avenue and pick out a new type of drought-tolerant ground cover. And we started with the lawn’s first and biggest dead spot as our “test ground.”

Trent dug out a 3′ x 4′ patch of grass and bone-dry soil, laid down new homemade compost (all those moth-infected apples come in so handy this time of year!), and we planted a few dozen plugs of Elfin Thyme in a regular grid.

Here are our new, drought-tolerant babies, taking root (hopefully):

Wish them luck!

Wish them luck!

Aren’t they precious? Eventually, they’ll grow together to form a lush green carpet; one that stands up to foot traffic, dog traffic, dog pee, and all the droughtpocalypse Mother Nature sees fit to visit upon us.

Something like this:

So lush and carpety!

So lush and carpety!

If we like the way this spot turns out, we’ll do the same with the other dead spots until we take over the entire lawn. Or maybe we’ll throw some other stuff into the mix, too.

Like maybe some Blue Star Creeper?

Like maybe some Blue Star Creeper?

That is, if Sammy doesn’t decide the “test field” is the perfect place to bury his bone. Which he MIGHT have just done.

(there apparently is no such thing as a “dig-tolerant” ground cover)

Test plant, take 2!

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3 thoughts on “Covering Ground

  1. Marge Wisniewski says:

    It sounds like you have discovered a timely workaround for the problem! I do hope your little lawn survives and turns out to be “Sammy-proof” because the finished product looks like it could be absolutely beautiful! And you don’t have to mow it! My kind of lawn!

  2. Carla says:

    I want to see! I bet it’s going to look awesome, better than grass probably.

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