One for the Record Books

Our annual Truckee River tubing weekend in Reno has now come and gone. Our fifth such adventure of floating debauchery in Class 2 rapids with no helmets or life jackets.

I’m sad it’s over, as it’s my favorite weekend of the summer, but I have to say – this year, I’m also simultaneously a little happy it’s over. Because it means I survived.

We took our epic river adventuring to new heights this year. We met strangers. We met the river bottom. We got Reno’d. Real hard. And then we got out of the water, disco napped, and headed out until 4:30 AM, on a night that starred all our old favorites and some new discoveries (like a karaoke DJ that looked like Prince in a white fedora with a crew of backup singers who could cover the Temptations in perfect four-part harmony) .

I’m almost tempted to say we’re getting too old for this, but I know we’ll never learn.

The 2014 Renosabes (minus Jon): Trent, Lisa, Troy, Rhea, Allison, Majella, Dicky.

The 2014 Renosabes (minus Jon): Trent, Lisa, Troy, Rhea, Allison, Majella, Dicky.

See you again in 363 days, Reno…


See all our pics of the Fifth Annual Truckee River tubing weekend here.

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5 thoughts on “One for the Record Books

  1. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    OMG, I want your life! Am I too old for this? I don’t think so! I want to do this! “Renosabe”? I love the way you play with words. I want to be a “Renosabe” too……….

  2. Troy says:

    So much fun guys. Thanks so much for setting this up. See you all soon.

  3. […] Niño means we’ll be hitting the Truckee River again in […]

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