1st Annual

I love throwing parties!

I’m getting really good at it, too. Unfortunately, though, as my Martha Stewart skills increase, free time for documenting my handiwork while in the thick of it all seems to decline. I now need a professional photog by my side or something, capturing the action (’cause you know I need it captured)… Hmm…

Anyway, I threw a fun party on Saturday for my entire department at my house because dammit – we work really hard. And we need more parties.

And recently, my coordinator Arminder got married. So that actually gave us a legitimate excuse besides just “we need more parties” (even though we DO).

I didn’t have time to snap many pictures, though, while slinging tri-tip three ways and wrestling six coworkers’ dogs (yes! we turned my backyard into a dog park!) and failing to shotgun beers and smooching babies (yes, I drank too much AND smooched babies in one party! WITH PEOPLE I WORK WITH!).

But I did snap some. Here they are…

Calm before the storm... Ready for 25 coworkers to invade!

Calm before the storm… Ready for 25 coworkers to invade!

Sprained a wrist grinding pepper for ten pounds of tri-tip that I CAN'T EAT.

Sprained a wrist grinding pepper for ten pounds of tri-tip that I CAN’T EAT.

Probably had too much beer already at this point.

Probably had too much beer already at this point.

Special guest appearance by Ed Meng!

Special guest appearance by Ed Meng!

Newlywed guests of honor!

Newlywed guests of honor!

Ajax Pupperknuckles says nice havin' y'all!

Ajax Pupperknuckles says nice havin’ y’all!

Remember my mantra folks – as hard as you work, you must play harder!


See all our pics of the First Annual Art.com Brand/Creative Summer BBQ here.

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7 thoughts on “1st Annual

  1. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    “Ajax Pupperknuckles”? Is that Sammy? I do have to say that my kids know how to throw and PARTICIPATE in parties! I am proud of the fact that you have acquired the party gene in the family. We have a reputation to uphold, you know! Cute dress!

  2. Carla Daniels says:

    Sammy twin is sooo cute!!! I hope they got along.

  3. CA-Mom says:

    Love the new covers on Grandpa’s old lounge chairs!!! Very bright and so pretty! Did I see a hamock? The Lake hamock went to the squirels — they chewed all the tiny rope and it fell to the ground! Lookin’ for a new one if anyone sees one on sale – let me know!
    Looks like another great party at the Temple’s …. its nice to see you two are “livin’ the dream”…

    • lisatemp says:

      Yes — we repainted the chairs and invested in some top-notch Sunbrellas so they’ll be around for another half a century at least! Loving them. FOUND the hammock in our BASEMENT! Can’t wait to get to the lake this weekend!!!

  4. […] And cooking Thanksgiving dinner is not nearly as monumental a task as it always appeared to me as a kid (or a lazy college kid, or an apathetic 30-year-old). With the exception of obsessing for approximately one straight hour on Wednesday night over whether my brine was too strong, it was actually pretty low-stress. I mean, it wasn’t as hard as barbecuing tri tip for 20 people. […]

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