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The Great Day By the Bay

Curious about that perfect day?

When my dad’s youngest cousin, Tony, and his wife Jenny told me they were coming to town for a quick weekend visit (sandwiched in between Napa and Monterey on their Tour de California), I promised to take them on the most epic San Francisco adventure ever attempted in a single day and recorded in a single blog post. Here’s an aerial view of what I’m now calling “The Great Day By the Bay” BEFORE LUNCH…


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Perfect Day

Today, we had the perfect San Francisco day.

It looked like this:

Like a movie.

The kind of day you just have to memorialize.

And I will. More to come…


A Tooth Tale

They've never been perfect, but they're mine and I'm keeping them!

They’ve never been perfect, but they’re mine and I’m keeping them!

Okay – who’s had a root canal?

Because back in July, I heard those two words uttered together in the context of MY MOUTH for the first time and I pretty much had a heart attack.


Since then, I’ve had a nearly singular focus on how to AVOID having the root canal done. And as of today, it may have actually paid off.

Have I intrigued those of you who’ve been through this? Are you running your tongue over your crown right now, wondering whether you made the right decision? Well, read on…

But first, if you aren’t familiar with the root canal procedure, it might help to know that, according to Web MD, at least…

“A root canal procedure is performed when the nerve of the tooth becomes infected or the pulp becomes damaged. During a root canal procedure, the nerve and pulp are removed, and the inside of the tooth is cleaned and sealed.”

That “sealing” happens with a crown. Not surprisingly, root canals do not have a reputation of being fun. Or cheap.

Now – here goes…

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Big Day

Take a look at this face:


This is the face of a woman who just spent the morning in Eric Holder‘s office.

After hugging him goodbye, she hopped over to the White House to see Mr. President off on his big day of 9/11 remembrance activities.

She may have a hard time taking a serious picture, but when she says she’s seriously going to accomplish her dream, she seriously, seriously means it.

And this is the end of a brief blog post written by a big sister too proud to think of anything else to say.

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Water Worries

We’re coming to the end of a dry, dry summer here in California, and recently I went in to a panic about our ongoing drought (three years and counting now since we had real rain!).

I may or may not have suggested Team Temple begin a five-year countdown to OPERATION: EXODUS. I may or may not have suggested we start job hunting in Seattle. I may or may not have done some real estate dumpster diving back home in Detroit. I may or may not have ruined my coworkers’ nights with droughtpocalypse nightmares. I’m fairly certain I’m really unpopular around the office right now.

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