The Great Day By the Bay

Curious about that perfect day?

When my dad’s youngest cousin, Tony, and his wife Jenny told me they were coming to town for a quick weekend visit (sandwiched in between Napa and Monterey on their Tour de California), I promised to take them on the most epic San Francisco adventure ever attempted in a single day and recorded in a single blog post. Here’s an aerial view of what I’m now calling “The Great Day By the Bay” BEFORE LUNCH…


Fueling up for awesome!

Fueling up for awesome!

  • Cable car to Hyde Street
  • Walk to Swenson’s for ice cream…
This was ALL Munga's idea.

This was ALL Munga’s idea.

  • Walk through Russian Hill to the top of Lombard St
  • Walk down the crookedest road to Columbus Ave…
Going down...

Going down…

Fam cramming into Alamo Square!

Fam cramming into Alamo Square!

  • Painted ladies tour!

All accomplished, I might add, on foot or public transit.

It’s a good thing Tony is a retired fireman and totally up for trekking uphill, trekking downhill, cable cars, buses, cliffs, sun, wind, crazy homeless people, and everything else SF has to offer. He and Jenny are both pretty much the best adventurers EVER.

Oh – and Munga’s not bad either. She of course hopped a plane out to SF when she heard what we were up to…


Now, here’s The Great Day By the Bay just from LUNCHTIME ON!



Brilliant blooms!

Brilliant blooms!

  • Bus to Ocean Beach
  • Walk to the Cliff House for a cocktail
Warming up after our up-cliff trek.

Warming up after our up-cliff trek.

There she goes!

There she goes!

  • Bus to the Mission
  • Mexican food and mariachis for dinner at Puerto Alegre
  • BART back to Union Square (for Tony + Jenny) / Oakland (for the rest of us)

PHEW! OMG, are you exhausted? I’m exhausted reliving it, but it sure was epically fun. What an amazing family. I’ve loved him since I was a little girl, but after this visit, it was clear that Tony reminds me of another dude who used to love to do everything! and see everything! and try everything!…

My dad.

Must be in the genes.

How do you spell family? With an S-K-I!

How do you spell family? With an S-K-I!


See all our pictures of Family Weekend 2014 here.

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7 thoughts on “The Great Day By the Bay

  1. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    This is absolutely the sweetest tribute to our family ever! Thank you for creating all these wonderful memories for us. We will never forget them or the wonderful time we had in San Francisco with you. It was worth every minute and every penny, and I wish I could do it all over again. Love you all!

  2. Viola says:


  3. Tony says:

    Awsome job Lisa…and we didn’t even look tired at the end! Thanks again, I can’t think of a better group to spend an epic tour of San Francisco with. Love you guys-Tony

  4. Marlene says:

    Wow! I don’t know how you fit it all in. Amazing.
    Glad I got to see Munga at the bookends. 🙂

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