Enough with all this talk of stress. It’s time to think ahead.

Though the stress is still here, today was a good day. In a way, it felt like a new day – a new dawn. Like the sun was rising on something potentially good.

Like this:


Oops – this is actually sunSET (the amazing view out our kitchen window tonight, in fact), but you get the point. Maybe this metaphor is the sun SETting on the “uncomfortability” (in the words of SuperHubs) I want to end.

Either way, I like the view. And the feeling. So here are some more like it:





(that last orangey one particularly apropos for Halloween)

See you in the new day, hopefully…

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One thought on “Sunrise/Sunset

  1. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    Sunrise. Uncomfortability gone. Sunset. New day. All good. And you get to do it again tomorrow. Beautiful. Thank you!

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