I love this man so much:


He’s seriously the greatest husband a woman could ask for. A true SuperHubs.

I cannot improve on him in any way, really – every time I think I might have an issue with him, I come to find he’s already identified it and has “mapped out a plan” for how he can be more attentive/work on his communication/make more time/whatever. I once caught him sitting at his desk on a Sunday, making notes in his sketchpad, and when I asked him what he was doing, he said:

“I’m spending some time today, thinking about ways to improve my quality of life. Our quality of life. I need to get some ideas down.”

Excuse me? Really? Most men I know his age spend Sundays being generally stupid.

But not only is he incredibly intelligent, hardworking, devoted, forward-thinking, responsible, caring, and a great pillar of strength when I need it, he IS also hilarious, fun-loving, creative, ridiculously talented, devilishly handsome, WELL DRESSED ALL ON HIS OWN, and romantic as hell.

(And yes, though he has friends, the ones like him are already married, too. Duh.)

He’s been on a business trip this week, presenting his work at Savannah College of Art and Design, and I’ve been alone in our house for the first time in the 2.5 years since we bought it. In a state of general malaise. So much so that I fell down the porch stairs in my bathrobe and bare feet Tuesday morning. I’m pretty sure this was ENTIRELY because I forgot how to step down without Trent by my side.

Today a bonsai tree arrived at my office, since he knows how lost I am without him, and how happy plants make me. A “new friend” to keep me company while he’s away.

I’m missing his epic sleeping skills in the bed next to me terribly. His unmatched talent for knocking back 13 hours every Friday night; 10 on a weeknight. I’ve been looking at this picture, reminding myself that he’ll be home soon…

But, let’s be honest – a picture is only so useful. A picture can’t cuddle.

So I brought in a sub.


On more night until a bed rights showdown of epic proportions ensues.


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3 thoughts on “Replacement

  1. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    Wow! This is a marriage of epic proportions. One to rival the 62 years your grandparents have spent together. Imagine how much fun it will be to grow old together! An awesome testimony on love.

  2. Lisa, thank you for your inspiration. You’re relentlessly cool, you and Trent are both heroes in my book! cath


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