For Love of the Team


It’s been a hard, hard quarter for my team at work.

One in which they’ve had had the rug pulled out from under them, in more than one proverbial way, more than once. One in which they’ve had to say goodbye to teammates they truly cared for. One in which they’ve had to work extra hard anyway to beat the odds on a terrible retail season.

Still – every day, they come in and kick ass. They are the most outstanding group of colleagues I’ve ever had. Bright, creative, energetic, funny, cool as hell. Somehow, they never run out of brilliant ideas, enthusiasm, or team spirit. They amaze me. Here I am, the boss now, and they’re the ones teaching me.

When I barely survive a hard day full of plans getting shat all over at the last minute, and I think I just can’t make it through another one, I smack myself across the face and say, “LAURA V.’S NOT WHINING RIGHT NOW!” or, “ARMINDER IS GONNA BE IN THE OFFICE BEFORE YOU TOMORROW, YOU ASS!”

All of them show up for more. Again and again.

And somehow, they always look hella hot when they do, too.

Brand babes gettin' down at their well-deserved holiday party at the de Young Museum!

Brand babes gettin’ down at their well-deserved holiday party at the de Young Museum!

To showing up and looking good when you do: perhaps my mantra for 2015…

4 thoughts on “For Love of the Team

  1. Carla Daniels says:

    Lisa, cute dress. Hella hot boss! 🙂

  2. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    Ninety percent of life is just showing up! Every evening when my team left the office I used to tell them, “Thanks for showing up!” We cross stitched it on a plaque to hang on the wall. To this day, when I meet a former co-worker, they say that same thing! BTW, that is one good looking team you have, and not only do they show up, they show up and look good. Great attitude! Sassy! (Love the dress!)

  3. I’m with Carla – that dress looks awesome and fun!

  4. lisatemp says:

    I think maybe I will just wear this dress to work every day in 2015 and see how that goes?

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