Well the weather outside is frightful indeed, but the fire – if we hadn’t knocked down our chimney to be seismically safe and could still have one inside – would be so delightful indeed.

Our halls are totally decked and cozified, and we’re juuust about ready to start enjoying our holiday season.

Treeeeee! v.2014

Treeeeee! v.2014

Which is good, because outside, we here in the San Francisco Bay Area are experiencing what we’re now referring to as…


RAAAIIINNN!!! First time we've ever gotten the emergency broadcast system warnings on our cell phones – pretty nifty!

RAAAIIINNN!!! First time we’ve ever gotten the emergency broadcast system warnings on our cell phones – pretty nifty!

We got our first official “rain day” yesterday – Trent, Lisa, and Sammy tucked in cozy around the tree working from laptops – while Mother Nature dumped almost as much rain on us in 24 hours as we’ve had in the last three winters combined.

We have a small pond now in our back yard! Maybe some ducks will move in for Sammy to kill?

Wish we could stay tucked in from now on (save for Mexico, of course), but we’ve got one more week of hell to go… And no whining, anyway. We’ll gladly brave the deluge, no matter how gnarly it gets.

Here’s to an epic 21 more inches, hopefully, and a drought-busting 2015!

PS – Our rain barrel is full!

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3 thoughts on “Inside/Outside

  1. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    We know how concerned you have been about the drought. Perhaps this will begin to allay your fears. Just looks like a typical spring in Michigan. And if the ducks move in and Sammy kills them, I don’t want to know about it.

  2. Kevin says:

    Now you know how we feel in Washington State for 360 days a year. But look on the bright side, at least your rain barrel is full.

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