Into the Vortex

This past MLK Day weekend, we did something I said we would NEVER DO AGAIN…

We went to Michigan in the dead of winter.

Oh, God – it was just like we remembered it from our fateful frozen adventure in January 2013: bitterly cold, dirty, blustery, slippery, gray, and pretty darn depressing. I just don’t get why places like “Michigan in winter” haven’t evolved off the planet by now or something. That seems possible, right?

But yet, there it is, still. Sitting smack dab on the 45th parallel, surrounded by giant fresh water reservoirs that turn all that “chilly air” over Wisconsin and the “Windy City” into “AIR SO F#@%ING COLD IT WILL FREEZE THE FACE OFF YOUR HEAD” as it travels eastward…

Ah, yes. That's Detroit down there, the day before our arrival.

Ah, yes. That’s Detroit down there, the day before our arrival (source).

And here I am, repeatedly refusing to follow my own advice, going back for more.

“For the love of God, you reckless Californian, WHY?!” you’re asking. I know. And I have only one reason…

Well, actually, three…

(1) Gramps

(1) Gramps

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 7.24.15 PM

(2) Gram (3) Munga

Well, no. Not just three. All these folks, too:


Especially the little furry guy!

And dammit, can’t forget these guys. And all the honorary family they represent…


The zoo in freezing rain! The things we do for the kids we love.

Gaaahhh. We are LITERALLY sucked into the Polar Vortex. We will never be free.

This is the true definition of love and family, people.


See all our pics of MLK Weekend 2015 in Detroit here.

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4 thoughts on “Into the Vortex

  1. Carla Daniels says:

    That is a very handsome furry guy on Nicole’s arm. I’m jealous.

  2. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    Yes, it is the true definition of love and family. That trumps the weather any time.

  3. Marge Wisniewski says:

    I sent this to Jeff and Denise and Nicole, too.

    Love you!

  4. Denise Zlonkevicz says:

    Yes it is the true definition of Love! We had a great visit with everyone! We love it when you come to the mitten! Can’t wait for your return trip in July (better weather for sure)! Love you both!

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