This chapter of my life is obviously about tenacity. About not giving up. I get it now, Universe.

Case in point…

Three weeks ago, Trent and I stuck the nubbins from two green onions (we eat green onions several times a week, so we go through a lot of them) into a mason jar full of water on our kitchen windowsill. Within two days, the onions started to grow back…


And here we are, a couple weeks later. As of this morning, the onions are bigger and more beautiful than before we bought them at the market. Completely regenerated. With nothing but the glass of water as fuel – as their inspiration…


Tonight, I’m going to chop them up and eat them again, and stick the nubbins back in the water and start this amazing exercise all over. I know the onions can do it again. Maybe they’ll grow back EVEN BIGGER next time.

And if they’re capable of a feat like that, then dammit – so am I.

Today, I had a work day that made the difficult days of Q4 2014 turn ghost-white and faint in comparison. Two steps forward, three steps back is all I kept thinking, all day long. All I could see was Lisa, the discarded onion nubbin at the bottom of the corporate compost bin.

But I will grow back. I am tenacious. Downright delicious AND nutritious! And I have an infinite number of rebirths left to go…

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3 thoughts on “Tenacity

  1. Viola says:

    I seem to recall Trent scoffing at this idea. 🙂

  2. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    Tenacity is in our gene pool. Look at your grandparents. I had no idea that you could re-grow an onion in nothing but water. And that you could keep eating the same onion over and over! You are tenacious, delicious and nutritious. That is why you are still there. Now grow back bigger and better than ever before!

  3. Sarah says:

    It’s not in our genes to give up! I have no doubt you’ll be a giant green, slightly Gumby looking onion within a week. Come on, I couldn’t JUST be sentimental. That’s not in my genes.

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