4.0, v.KD

Just in case you were wondering, this is what 40 looks like…

Middle-aged babe alert!

Middle-aged babe alert!


(okay, one of us still has a couple years to go, but we’re getting a pat on the back anyway…)

And by the way, it was a reeeaaalllyyy hot tub. We had to shovel snow in it to cool it down. A lot of snow. I wish I could say it was our hotness that raised the temperature, but I think it was just messed way up. 😐

Anyway, Kim‘s official 40th birthday weekend at Lake Tahoe was perfection. Just what a bunch of overworked, overachieving, over-the-hill (or about to be) people needed. Family (Steve and the kids flew out from Michigan to join us), an amazing natural setting, food, bubbles (the kind you drink, for grownups and kids, AND the kind you soak in!), casinos (also for grownups and kids!), and a fabulous pad to call home for three days.

The view from our pimp cabin's lower deck.

The view from our pimp cabin’s lower deck.

When we showed up in Tahoe, I was desperate to get away from work and the new cavalcade of stress raining down on me there. It was a wee bit uncanny to walk into the house and see… well… WORK, literally, hanging on the wall:

Hmm... I think I know where they got that...

Hmm… I think I know where they got that…

But by the time we left on Sunday, after soaking in the hot tub and eating too much sushi and drinking too much champagne and sitting on too many whoopie cushions, I was once again reminded about the important things in life.

They look like this:

Tahoe_Photobooth.jpgAnd I’m keeping them on me all the time now.

Happy 40th, Kim! Here’s to 40 more, and being old and gray in the hot tub together some day…


See all our photos of Kim turning 40 at Lake Tahoe here.

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2 thoughts on “4.0, v.KD

  1. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    Not bad for a 40 year old and an almost 40 year old! You are a couple of hot, steamy mamas (literally)! Forty did not look that good on me! You should enjoying aging because you are doing it so well.

    Let me guess, the wall art is from Art.Com? Everybody is doing it!

    Allow me to say, mission accomplished. You do know what is important in life. You will live way past 40 that way.

    Okay, I’ll bite. Whoopie cushions?!?!?

    Love you!

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