Easter Funday


Easter meditations, California-style.


It seems sacrilegious to even type it, but these past ten years Easter has become an EPICALLY fun holiday.

It’s true – Easter was not an epically fun holiday as a kid. Namely because I grew up in a Catholic family (sorry, Munga, but now that I’m almost 40 I have the courage to say it!).

The rest of you recovering Catholics know what I’m talking about! Easter held so much potential; so much promise of fun… Bunnies and chocolate and hidden presents… But in reality, Easter meant all us good Catholic girls had to get up extra early, put on picky, picky lace dresses that felt “springy” (even though it was still snowing outside), and go to church for HOOOUUURRRSSS.

Like, seriously, three hours.

And, if you were a good little Polock like me who also happened to go to CATHOLIC SCHOOL, Easter Sunday Mass of Foreverness was probably… oh… the THIRD TIME YOU’D BEEN TO CHURCH IN THREE DAYS.

That’s right! We went in school on Good Friday, then we went on Saturday afternoon to get our special Polish Easter breakfast blessed, and THEN we went to the three-hour masstravaganza on Sunday.

(Ahem – best Easter Sunday mass ever was definitely the one where a bird flew in through the open window in church and pooped on mom. I mean, you NEED some comic relief at some point in all that.)

A word about that “special Polish Easter Sunday breakfast,” though – that was the best part about Easter growing up. I can still taste it now… kielbasa (cold; and it’s best that way), ham, hard boiled eggs, horseradish on everything (it symbolizes the suffering of Christ: duh!), all kinds of bread smeared with butter shaped like a lamb…

Screw my basket from the Easter Bunny. I was sweating through three hours of awful soulless white people hymns for hot cross buns and cold sausage!

Anyway… Fast forward thirty years and here I am, still recovering, figuring out how to “do” Easter in a way that befits who I am and what I love, in a way that doesn’t require me spending the whole weekend in church but still might preserve the tradition of a great meal with the people I love.

It actually hasn’t ever been that difficult, because Easter falls at one of the best times of year here in northern California. It just seems to work out that the perfect plan falls into place.

And this year, it so happened that Julie Brown came to visit.

Julie, Zac, and I in a meadow on Mt. Tam.

Julie, Zac, and I in a meadow on Mt. Tam.

We spent Easter Weekend adventuring and enjoying the beautiful outdoors here in our gorgeous Bay Area, celebrating God or the Universe’s creation or whatever it is you believe in… We ate many good meals together (quite a few vegan for all!) and we spent Easter Sunday proper hiking in the pristine woods of Mount Tamalpais State Park, removed from civilization and engrossed in conversation about overpopulation of our planet and California’s water crisis. We got a little lost looking for a loop that didn’t exist but we didn’t care, we saved a banana slug from squishing on the trail, and we caught a case of the sillies that would NEVER have been allowed in church.

Our very own wood nymph.

Our very own wood nymph.

Honestly, there were a few things about our weekend that wouldn’t be allowed in church, but I don’t care. I like my new version of Easter.

But I would welcome a side of cold kielbasa, not gonna lie.

See you next Easter Funday!

See you next Easter Funday!


See all our pics of Julie’s most recent visit here.

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5 thoughts on “Easter Funday

  1. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    You reminded me of how much I miss those lovely Polish traditions, like eating cold kielbasa and horseradish for breakfast after mass on Easter Sunday morning. I appreciate your own unique celebration of Easter, because there is indeed something to celebrate. The beautiful earth God gave us. I am sure “He” would appreciate the fact that you enjoyed it so much and acknowledged that to others. (I am still chuckling about “masstravaganza”!) Happy Easter (whatever that means to you)! Love you! And God loves you, too, whether you believe it or not!

  2. Viola says:

    Yup, my mom always has done and always will do the basket thing. There was also lamb butter. I don’t like kielbasa (the horror!) but it was there! And, as soon as it’s ready, I am apparently getting a piece of blessed horseradish to carry around for luck. Sigh.

  3. […] I just knew it would come to pass… Julie, Zac, and I now all basically live in the same city. It’s been a long 17 years of friendship, […]

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