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My 36th year is winding down. Just one more day to go, actually, so I suppose you can say this is like 11:58:30 of my 36th year.

Great thing about the day I was born, though – it falls right at the year’s midpoint. That means each year I get to treat my birthday as a second “new year” of sorts, and this year I’m taking special advantage of that.

2015 really hasn’t been living up to my expectations, with its double dose of illness and death right out of the gate and its ongoing unexpected shitstorm of job turmoil. Of course, yes – I have a pretty good life, and I know it. Still. But it’s just not the year I was hoping for.

So I’m using my birthday as the perfect excuse to push the reset button. This week, I start fresh for year 37. I’ve set some big goals; I plan to laser-focus on these new priorities, and set my radar sight on attaining more of the things that have brought me so much happiness in recent months. It’s all about the things I’ve been running to to get away from the stress – I’m going to start shaping my life to be about them, instead.

Year 37 is gonna look like this:

Get it? It's gonna be good. Join me.

Get it? It’s gonna be good. Join me.

So, one more day to prepare, and then… Away we go!

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DC Do-over

Once upon a time I went to DC in January. I thought it would be fun to visit my sister (then in graduate school) for the presidential inauguration – a super patriotic occasion.

And that was really NOT the greatest idea I’ve ever had…

The National Mall in January is NOT FUN.

The National Mall in January is NOT FUN.

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My, how the time has soared like an F-15 Strike Eagle.

It’s been almost four years since Team Temple tied the knot in our factory rave weddingstravaganza, and as we have a tendency to do, this year we’ll be traveling on our anniversary. We’re headed back to Washington D.C. for the long weekend to visit my sister Sarah and tear up U-Street. We’ll all be crashing together in a fabulously hip little boutique hotel in between happy hours with her growing group of politico friends, jaunts to her office at Main Justice, and private tours of the Capitol.

But in true Team Temple style, we made sure to make time for ourselves. This past Saturday night was OUR night, and this is our Cheers! Salut! Prost! Sláinte! to us, for four very well-done years, in which we’ve accomplished more than we ever dreamed possible. Lisa, the shark who never stops swimming and propelling us forward, and Trent, the cool cat who can be light on his feet if he wants to keep up with Lisa, or completely chilled out when he wants to slow her down. Continue reading

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Seed Update: May

It’s May here in the Bay Area (well, okay – it’s May everywhere, yes; I know), and it feels more like… I don’t know? Sometimes August, sometimes December? Climate change – who can tell. Our fig tree seems to think it’s September, that’s for sure.

No one can deny, though, that we’re definitely still in a drought. And yet! Thanks to the contents of our trusty rain barrel, we’ve managed to have great luck on our vegetables so far this season.

All our babies in our planter beds are killin’ it, but the real fun has been watching the copious amount of seeds we cleared out of our kitchen seed bank take off.

Here’s a quick seed status report…

Most of our little starts have now graduated to the outdoors; a few of the overachievers have already gone to new homes.

Most of our little starts have now graduated to the outdoors; a few of the overachievers have already gone to new homes.

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Doors = Done



I finally succeeded in hiring the perfect contractor. Best Value Home Improvements did a FLAWLESS job replacing all but one of the interior doors in my house (they all happen to be on the lower, non-entry level; we live on a hill, remember), removing one closet, building another, putting a pocket door in my master walk-in even though the ceiling slopes four inches, and replacing all the downstairs trim. Continue reading

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