This week, I did a small thing at work, but something that’s really making me feel tremendously frickin’ good about life and the world right now…

I lead my company and our brand out of the closet.

We’re celebrating Gay Pride for the first time, loudly, in brand content, on social media, and in internal corporate communications.

We have a rainbow logo and everything!


And although it shouldn’t have taken this long, I’m happy we got to it during my tenure as head of brand. Being located here in the Bay Area, and with all California’s turbulent history over the legalization of same-sex marriage, and now with President Obama’s recent proclamation of June as National LGBT Pride Month, well…

It really is time. There is no more opposition. No more old guard. The new day has indeed dawned.

We are out of the closet!

Preach, Andy.

Preach, Andy.

I’d like to think not just my company… Maybe, really… All of us?

The best part is, there hasn’t been one single piece of negative feedback about it. Not even from our die-hard customers in Middle America.

And so for the next week, I get to feel good about something, on a schedule, every day. I get to be reminded of people doing the right thing. Of the world coming around. About the waning tide of hate, and the rising tide of love and acceptance. Of the possibility of real peace, and a future where we finally all agree that #loveislove.

Preach, Keith.

Preach, Keith.

Because it is. Duh.


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2 thoughts on “Pride

  1. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    Good for you, Lisa! And to my conservative, religious friends, isn’t this what Jesus would do? Thank you for making the world a more beautiful place, figuratively and literally. And I bet you sell a whole lot of art because of it. Love you!

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