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Garden Update: August

You may have noticed I’ve been light on the garden updates so far this summer (or you may have not – I won’t be offended).

That’s because my garden feels like it overdosed on NyQuil. Even though we planted in April, we’re STILL waiting for most of our veggies to appear. 2015 has been the wackiest season yet in a series of historically wacky seasons (as you’ve all read or seen on the news, I’m sure, if you aren’t experiencing it yourselves). Our spring was wet (!) and overcast, our summer gray and sunless… Now all of a sudden it’s hot and humid.

The winner of the season so far has been spinach:

Our bumper crop of backyard spinach.

Our bumper crop of backyard spinach.

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Summer of Love

OPERATION: Vacation Between Jobs is in full effect here. After finishing my last day at last week, Trent and I hopped a plane to Detroit where we spent five days with my family: some of it spent in the same old haunts, some of it on new adventures, and some of it celebrating some very special occasions.

Well, “hopped” isn’t entirely accurate. We more commando-crawled across a battlefield of crowds, confusion, and epic rage-inducing customer service queues wherein after four flight delays, a harrowing shuttle trip to change departure airports, and an entirely new itinerary, we finally arrived in Detroit the next day only about five hours late (the magic of time zones!).

THEN we got to enjoy said activities both old and new and very, very special…

(though we feel like we’ve experienced a lot of good fortune in life lately, the one arena where we HAVEN’T felt the love is definitely air travel – good lord)

Taking Munga and Trent on a paddle down the Huron River.

Taking Munga and Trent on a paddle down the Huron River.

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Find Your Art

Today is my last day as head of the Brand team at

Wow, what a job this has been.

Fabulous, exciting, rewarding, difficult, disappointing, demanding, groundbreaking, frustrating, emotional… In my now 16 years in the workforce I’ve had more than a few jobs, and this is one I know I’ll still be thinking about on the day I retire.

Regardless of where I am, how far I’ve risen or how low I’ve sunk, how much money I’ve made or lost, how many lives I’ve changed or how many lives I’ve ruined (but let’s hope for the former), wherever I am I’ll still remember this place. I’ll remember the things I learned, the people I met, the people I worked for and the people who worked for me, the decisions I made or didn’t make. changed me. For better, for worse, and everything in between. Continue reading

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Life’s Great Mysteries

It’s right up there with “is there life after death?” and “are we alone in the universe?”…


What do you mean? I'm a pup! A SuperPup!

What do you mean? I’m a pup! A SuperPup!

Seriously, we couldn’t take it anymore. Constantly arguing over whether he was a Jack Russell or a Fox Terrier, or whether he has a little Bull Terrier thrown in for muscle and some Pitt Bull for the hard head (it really is an asset at the dog park!). A little Whippett for speed…

The constant conversation with strangers in bars or pet stores or parks that went on too long…

“He’s a Rat Terrier!”

Is that a compliment?



“He’s a Cattle Jack!”

…uh, you got me there.

Well, we finally decided it was time to find out what Sammy the SuperPup really is, besides just the fastest, muscly-ist dog in the west.

So on January 9th, four years to the day from when we brought him home from the SPCA, we swabbed his little puppy cheek and set up his doggy DNA test.

Two more weeks until we end the debate for good (and leave a blueprint for the rest of the world to make their own little SuperPups)…

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Mustang Bones

Trent and I both had Friday off for the July 4th holiday last week, and in true Team Temple fashion, we used that free day to…

Drive up to Arnold and do our home inspection on the new house (and other stuff you do when you’re closing on a second home)!

The basement at 2381, where most of our home inspection focused.

The basement at 2381, where most of our home inspection focused.

“Having fun” on your day off is not for sharks like me. Even on holiday weekends.  Continue reading

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