Find Your Art

Today is my last day as head of the Brand team at

Wow, what a job this has been.

Fabulous, exciting, rewarding, difficult, disappointing, demanding, groundbreaking, frustrating, emotional… In my now 16 years in the workforce I’ve had more than a few jobs, and this is one I know I’ll still be thinking about on the day I retire.

Regardless of where I am, how far I’ve risen or how low I’ve sunk, how much money I’ve made or lost, how many lives I’ve changed or how many lives I’ve ruined (but let’s hope for the former), wherever I am I’ll still remember this place. I’ll remember the things I learned, the people I met, the people I worked for and the people who worked for me, the decisions I made or didn’t make. changed me. For better, for worse, and everything in between.

I’m not sorry about any of it – I don’t want any do-overs. I feel stronger, tougher, and more ready than ever to achieve something big: really big. When I start my new job in August as Adobe’s first manager of community engagement, I’m going to use everything. ALL OF IT. All the things I’ve accumulated in my career thus far – the goods and the bads – and I’m going to really change lives. This move is my “big one.”

But more than anything, I’m going to remember as the place where I grew up, into the boss. Into the person who made the tough calls, bowed out of happy hours, carpooled with her husband and dog, comforted people when they cried on her desktop (sometimes crying myself), worked until 1:00 AM, and got laughed at by the interns for not being cool.

Custom urban dictionary made for me by my social media intern Jane. I'm supposed to study it and have Trent quiz me so I can get my lingo sounding hipper.

Custom urban dictionary made for me as a parting gift by my social media intern Jane. I’m supposed to study it and have Trent quiz me so I can get my lingo sounding hipper.

And I’m proud of all that, too.

As I said in my sign off to the company today…

Find your art, love what you do. ❤


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4 thoughts on “Find Your Art

  1. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    You have certainly found your art, Lisa. And I know you love what you do. A classy and dignified exit. Take it all with you, the good and the bad, and make it better at the next place. Art changes lives. And your intern, Jane, is a creative genius! Perhaps she will be the one to fill your shoes when you leave. BTW, my dictionary would be a whole lot longer. Love you and all you do. The adventure continues!!!

  2. Viola says:

    I know most of those! However, I can only get away with using a few; I’m aged out of “fleek” and “bae.”

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