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FINALLY. Instead of three weeks, it took six.

Wisdom Panel lost Sam’s original DNA swab but, eventually, they came through.

We have the results of his genetic test.

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In Action

It’s no secret the universe has been good to Trent and I lately: a dream job with an off-the-charts increase in pay and benefits for me, a near-flawless closing on the perfect second home, and just yesterday we got word of yet another promotion and generous raise for Trent (his second in just shy of two years).

Neither of us is one to cling to the material things in life, so all this “stuff going so good” was starting to feel a little… Too good. Like it needed to go back into the universe somehow because, let’s face it folks –

You can’t take it with you. Any of it.  Continue reading

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Cabin Blues

We never thought our new cabin would give us the blues, but it has.

So many of them.

This many, to be exact:

Porcelain Vase?

Porcelain Vase?

Norwegian Night? (could go for one of those)

Norwegian Night? (could go for one of those)

Jellyfish Blue? (didn't know they were blue)

Jellyfish Blue? (didn’t know they were blue)

Isis Wept? (DAMN that's a great name)

Isis Wept? (DAMN that’s a great name)

Twinkle Twinkle? (seems kind of depressing for that name...)

Twinkle Twinkle? (seems kind of depressing for that name…)

Lake Henry? (where?)

Lake Henry? (where?)

Artistic Blue? (aren't they all?) Marina City? (sounds so very, very blue)

Artistic Blue? (aren’t they all?) Marina City? (sounds so very, very blue)

GOD I HATE PAINTING. Even just a tiny little bit of brand new trim. Especially when you don’t know what color you’re dealing with. And don’t want to cut out a piece of your old trim to get a sample (although, in hindsight, we could have, and should have, just done that).

But, now we have a new friend in the Arnold ACE Home Center. His name is Matt, and he works the paint counter. And he is happy to help you one, two, five times in the same weekend.




No more painting. Seriously.

Time to get to the “vacation” part of the “vacation home.”

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We’ve officially moved into 2381!

Sam waking up to the chirp of squirrels in the pines on his first morning at 2381.

Sam waking up to the chirp of squirrels in the pines on his first morning at 2381.

We just spent our first weekend there. It was a little more work than we expected, and yet there was still something so blissful about it… Even when we’re doing work in our vacation home, it’s still our vacation home. Continue reading

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Whoa. The last week(ish) has been big. Really big. BIG.


Like, probably the biggest week of my life, with a few exceptions…

  1. The week I got married – May 2011 – 2,500 miles from where I lived, then took off on my two-week honeymoon in the Canary Islands. That was a very, very, big week+, in a very, very good way. I had achieved a happiness that I’d never really imagined for myself, and I enjoyed it fully (something I don’t think I’d ever done before then).
  2. The (two) week(s) I moved to California – May 2006 – to take my second-chance life-changing job with Antenna Audio (later Discovery). I left behind all my family, a lifetime of friends, and my boyfriend of nine years who I later broke up with (because he didn’t want to come with me so, in my defense, he actually broke up with me and… see #1; it was for the best). That was a hugely terrifying week+ but it was a good kind of hugely terrifying; big things were happening and although I didn’t know how it would all turn out, I trusted it would be great. And I was right (after I got over the breakup).
  3. The week we moved into our first home – June 2012 – here at 3675, flew to Michigan for my grandparents’ 60th anniversary, and found out while we were there that I got my job at the job that really bumped my career up a notch and (I have to admit) turned me into the candidate capable of the dream job I have now. That one was big because it was grownup big; I took on a lot because it was all important to me, and I made it all happen. It was a good kind of big that I controlled from start to finish.
  4. The week I spent in the hospital – June 2005 – getting my craptastic diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. On my F#@%ING BIRTHDAY. Oh yes – I had answers to my mysterious ailments, but otherwise this was a big week in the absolute worst kind of way: one that ended with not only my ruined birthday party but a botched hospital discharge, steroid withdrawal, an emergency blood patch on my spine, home care, an amazing series of prednisone-induced nightmares, and what was probably a fairly significant and undiagnosed case of clinical depression.

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