We’ve officially moved into 2381!

Sam waking up to the chirp of squirrels in the pines on his first morning at 2381.

Sam waking up to the chirp of squirrels in the pines on his first morning at 2381.

We just spent our first weekend there. It was a little more work than we expected, and yet there was still something so blissful about it… Even when we’re doing work in our vacation home, it’s still our vacation home.

We spent all day Saturday sorting through the copious amounts of CRAP left behind by the sellers, deciding what to keep (bed frames!) and what to trash (40 sets of 40-year-old bed linens!), but still… It was kinda fun.

We found some gems to give our new retreat instant charm and a thread of history. Things like…

  • An old pair of working binoculars (in a handsome leather case!)
  • A paper guide to the back country trails of Calaveras County
  • A c.1970 set of Lincoln Logs
  • A set of VINTAGE SKIS, like, from the 60s at least; we won’t be using them, but we’re definitely going to decorate with them. I mean, come on – it’s poser but we have to.

If I was more on top of my game I would have taken pictures of all this stuff, but I was covered in cobwebs and plowing through the task at hand (okay, Trent was plowing; I was sauntering). We’ll be back this weekend to keep going, and I’ll start creating a little archive then. Though the house is now cleaned out – only the best items worth keeping remain, the carpets have been stretched and will be cleaned tomorrow, the closets are empty, awaiting our own spare linens – there’s still lots to be done. We have fresh siding to paint from the sellers’ repairs, screens to patch… You know, the myriad little things you do when you buy an old house (seems weird to type that and actually know what I’m talking about, but I really do now).

But it will all be fun. 3675 has taught us that old houses are all about the journey. This journey with 2381 will be shorter (and cheaper!), thank goodness, so we can get to that “vacation” part, but we’re enjoying it for these next few months, nonetheless.

Anyway just to be real literal, since I didn’t get any pics of my vintage skis (yet), here are some pics of the actual journey to our mountain abode…



Sam in the "squishy prison" I made him for the trip in our over-packed car. Sorry, buddy.

Sam in the “squishy prison” I made him for the trip in our over-packed car. Sorry, buddy.

We love this drive through the rolling foothills of the Sierra Nevada so much… We know we’re going to become intimately familiar with every crest and vista; we can’t wait to discover all the remnants of gold rush history tucked into the landscape.

Until then:

  1. Paint
  2. Screens
  3. Caulk

It’s all part of the journey.

Cheers to years of vacation ahead...

Cheers to years of vacation ahead…

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3 thoughts on “Expansion

  1. Carla Daniels says:

    That house is going to be immaculate by the time I see it!

  2. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    Let the journey begin! I am sure it will be immaculate. Speaking of “gold rush”, everything you touch turns to gold. This little gem will certainly be the same because it will receive lots of tender loving care. I cannot wait to get there and see the results and smell the pines and meet the neighbors (wink). I hope this is the first of many years of happy memories that you will create in that beautiful little mountain retreat. Go make some good memories! Love you!

  3. Marlene says:

    I can’t wait to come to Arnold. Sorry I bought a ticket to Paris and will miss your Vacation Housewarming boo hoooooooo. Looking forward to being there with Marge and Char in first chill of Autumn. Love you too.

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