Baptism by Fire

If Labor Day was 2381’s house “warming,” this past week has been its baptism by fire.

The Butte Fire is currently raging too close to our beloved Ebbetts Pass corridor and, though the heroes of Cal Fire have done an amazing job holding it at bay, we’re having a hard time unplugging from the devastating coverage:

Please don't come any closer, mkay?

Please don’t come any closer, mkay?

The weather has turned damp, though, making the outlook sunny, and we’re hopeful our home and our new community (including the majestic giant sequoias of Calaveras Big Trees State Park just down the road from us) are going to make it.

Still can’t help but sweat when you look at a photo like that though, huh?

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4 thoughts on “Baptism by Fire

  1. llgranata says:

    So glad to hear you may be out to danger Lisa. Was wondering if your new home was in danger. My heart and prayers go out to all those living in the region. Beautiful part of our world!

  2. CA-Mom says:

    The crazy thing about forest fires is they create their own weather….. my thoughts and prayers are with you and your new abode for safe keeping. Shit – I haven’t even seen it yet!

  3. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    I am sweating. Been praying for you and the townspeople and those amazing fire fighters. Got the people at work praying, too. Thank God for answered prayer. Just another lesson that Mother Nature has control and we are insignificant in her path.

  4. […] summer weekend of 2015, with Leah and Pancake, when the Butte Fire was raging down the […]

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