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Most recent Team Temple portrait, Seattle, 9.26.15.

Most recent Team Temple portrait, Seattle, 9.26.15.

Trent and I have been been married for 4.5 years now – together for over 8 – and in the past couple months it’s become increasingly apparent (to me, at least?) how in sync as a couple we really are.

I don’t mean our relationship is pure bliss. I mean, it’s pretty blissful as marriage goes, but nobody’s marriage is PURE bliss — they’re just full of it if they claim that. Taking on a life partner means taking on work as much as it means foot rubs and breakfast in bed; it means knowing how to compromise and being willing to sacrifice certain of your own wants while fighting for others. There’s inevitable friction in all that. Continue reading

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Sweet Dreams

You can finally come in here now.

You can finally come in here now.


FINALLY, after three years, we’re decorating our guest bedroom at 3675.

Fi. Nal. Ly.

If you’ve been to our house – maybe even slept on the futon that was in this tiny oddball closet from an attic from a dollhouse of a room – then you know why this has taken us so long. You know why we had to de-prioritize it on the 3675 task list and make do with a less than comfortable palette of furniture hand-me-downs from apartment life in San Francisco.

I HATE HAND-ME-DOWNS! (unless, of course, they’re really awesome, stylish antiques… then gimme) Continue reading

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It’s Columbus Day, and the internet and social media are rife with articles lambasting old Chris for being a generally terrible person.

Which he was.

But this is good – just a few years ago this wouldn’t necessarily have been the case. It makes me happy to see this stuff being shared in what is now our mainstream media; it’s about time all us white people held hands and admitted we actually don’t think it’s cool to feed live human babies to fierce war-dogs that have been trained to love human fleshContinue reading

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To the MAX

Okay. So I just went to my very first Adobe MAX.

The only words I have are…

Ho… lee… Wow. 


I can’t believe this is my EMPLOYER. My JOB. I WORK HERE. 



That’s it for words. Here are some pictures. These will have to do:

My view for the opening keynote.

My view for the opening keynote.

Continue reading

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