It’s Columbus Day, and the internet and social media are rife with articles lambasting old Chris for being a generally terrible person.

Which he was.

But this is good – just a few years ago this wouldn’t necessarily have been the case. It makes me happy to see this stuff being shared in what is now our mainstream media; it’s about time all us white people held hands and admitted we actually don’t think it’s cool to feed live human babies to fierce war-dogs that have been trained to love human flesh

I mean, we can at least admit that, right? We don’t want to be on the babykiller’s team?

I thought I’d read an awful lot of shitastic horrific things about Columbus during my years of progressive education, but today I read the absolute crème de la crème.


Mussolini invented the Federal holiday of Columbus Day, first in Italy; it was then picked up and championed by both Italian-American fascists and anti-fascists alike in varying attempts to rouse their brethren to the cause. Oy.

Mussolini, for crying out loud! Family legend has it that my great-grandmother would spit every time she heard his name, so imagine me spitting on the floor next to my desk right now as I type this…

So, on this day where I generally feel kind of grossed out to be an American and even more so an Italian(Sicilian)-American (which I usually feel pretty good about; even with all the rum-running and questionable criminal records in my family history), I’ve decided to share this photo on my blog:



Because it is a picture of the exact opposite of evil men who feed live babies to vicious war dogs. It’s a picture of Italian (Sicilian) grandparents presenting you giant vats of homecooked pasta.


Nobody wants a war-dog wielding babykiller, but everybody loves pasta.

Happy Pasta Day.


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5 thoughts on “Revisionism

  1. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    I think I would rather celebrate pasta day than Columbus Day, or “Native American Genocide Day” as you appropriately call it. Geez. Columbus was a creep. Thanks for enlightening me on the subject. And I can assure you that everybody in my family would rather make food than war any day!

  2. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    BTW, the grandparents are flattered to represent the Italian American community and are happy to offer pasta to anyone who crosses their doorstep. Welcome to America!!

  3. Ellen says:

    How do we know there aren’t chopped up baby parts in that vat of pasta?! Haha, just joking of course

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