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Bathroom: Not Done

We’re now just three days from departure to Europe, and our bathroom remodel project is supposed to be done.

Of course, it is not.

Of course, I am losing my mind with stress, and losing use of my left leg with multiple sclerosis as a result.

I’m like a little 1950s robot spinning around short circuiting from all the activity, smoke coming out of my ears and my limbs rattling loose.

That’s exactly what I am, actually.

I want to scream.


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We just slipped under the 10-day countdown to our big European vacation: two weeks in London, Paris, and Munich.

There’s a lot going on right now – vacation is NEEDED on so many levels. I have (/had) three events scheduled this week at work (as my success in my new job snowballs, this seems to be the norm these days). Our house is a construction zone, still, and we are desperate to escape it. El Niño is beginning to dampen our souls. We miss our friends overseas

2016 started off at 11 and we’re afraid if we don’t dial it down fast, we’re going to experience a serious blow out before it’s all over. Continue reading

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Bathroom: In Progress

Completely demoed and ready to go.

Completely demoed and ready to go.

As of yesterday morning, I believed this would be a “Bathroom: Midpoint” post. But as of this morning, seems like we may not be quite at the “midpoint” yet… Continue reading

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Lit Up

Testing our final experience with the volunteer corps, Thursday night in the CTL Lab at Adobe.

Testing our final light painting experience with the volunteer corps, Thursday night in the CTL Lab at Adobe.

My first “major” project for Adobe is now complete.

We pulled off “painting in light” for somewhere around 400 kids at the de Young Museum in San Francisco this past Friday night, and although almost 48 hours have passed since we wrapped, hauling the last pieces of our “light booths” back to our office laboratory in the wee hours of Saturday morning, I’m still recovering from the mayhem.  Continue reading

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Winter wonderland...

Winter wonderland…

Sigh. Shutdown is over.

It’s a bitter pill to swallow, but I’m personally ready to get on with the new year. It was great having two weeks off and all, but to be honest it finished off a tad more eventful than I think either Trent or I were anticipating. Continue reading

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