My life has been overrun with art since I started working at Adobe.

Not the kind you make in Photoshop, or Illustrator, or any of our products for that matter; the kind that hangs in galleries and museums and in artist studios. The old-fashioned kind of artThe messy kind.

The *gulp*…

… real kind. 

Actually, being overrun with art shouldn’t feel unfamiliar. That “real kind” of art is the kind I started my whole career around and for, decades ago now. And back then, I never would have thought I could live a day without it. I would have assumed that a day without art – the “real kind” – would be like a day without air.

How could I possibly not set foot among the old masters every day of my life? I once honestly struggled with that question.

But somehow it happened. After that first decade of art, art, art, and museums, museums, museums, and hard, hard work, I guess I kinda got a little overwhelmed by it all. I started drifting toward paychecks and easier, more tangential ways of “connecting to” art.

And now here I am, over 15 years deep in my career, and I’m coming around again. I’m in this really magical spot – a spot in a great workplace with everything need to be secure and happy, with rewarding and challenging work and… Holy crap. It’s really all about art – the real kind. Both that old, messy “real kind” – of paint and plaster and space – and a new “real kind” – of screens and science and color and motion.

And the beautiful place where it all intersects.

And it’s stretching my brain (and my work ethic) in ways I never dreamed imaginable.

For a San Francisco “techie”, my views every day are pretty out of this world.

Here are some from just the past week. Enjoy; whatever your view is like during the day, you probably need to look at more art.









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One thought on “Artful

  1. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    Art is life and life is art. Thank you for teaching me that. You are at the crossroads of an amazing journey, one that incorporates the old and the new in a beautiful way. I will try to incorporate more art into my view today, whether it is old or new.

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