Seed Season

Spring has sprung here at 3675! El Niño is trickling out and giving way to warm days drawn out in the comfort of daylight savings time. All over our yard, roses, lilies, and irises are making appearances, and the offerings at our local produce stand signal we’d better get to planting or risk our reputation as the most productive yard on the block…


This weekend we packed it off to Pollinate to stock up on the ingredients for a California spring harvest, now neatly planted and germinating in the warm sun of our westward-facing kitchen bay window.

Bring it on! Spring 2016 plantings.

Bring it on! Spring 2016 plantings.

Five different kinds of tomatoes, bullnose peppers, zucchini, spinach, and a garden full of herbs. We’ll start there, and swap to more summer vegetables in a couple months.

But we’re MOST excited about the latest introduction to our tomato cast this year: the Rosso Sicilian.

So, so rosso...

So, so rosso…

We hear this one is the king of all sauce and paste tomatoes and, not surprisingly, hails from my ancestral homeland. We’re hoping it will do well in 3675’s sunny upper yard, and we’ll be able to can a few in time to take home to Gramps this summer when we make the trip to Detroit for my 20 year high school reunion.

Fingers crossed! Much vegetable porn lies ahead, I promise. Until then:


Can’t help it.

Every day now begins and ends with me at these little planters.

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One thought on “Seed Season

  1. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    Those lucky little planters! What a delight to wake up to you every morning, nurturing them and loving them into delicious fruits and vegetables. No wonder they are so healthy! Grandpa says bring on the tomato paste. He was looking for a jar the other day!

    It must be a real gift to be able to grow something from seed and see it blossom and produce under your watchful eye. I am glad you are enjoying your place in the cycle of life. It is a gift to be here each and every day. Love you!

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