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Impossible Realities

RIP Lucia, 1923 - 2016

RIP Lucia, 1923 – 2016

It’s the end of an era. A great 20th century love story known as “Sam and Lucy.”

My grandmother died in the wee hours of yesterday morning: April 28, 2016. My whip-smart, beautiful, feisty, Sicilian grandmother, Lucia. She was in her own bed, and my grandfather held her in his arms until she turned to him and said “It’s time for me to go, Sammy.” Continue reading

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Month 3

I just recently passed the three-month mark of feeling “weird” from this Multiple Sclerosis relapse: my first in exactly ten years.

It’s interesting to look back now and retrace the myriad ways this annoying little f#@%er wormed it’s way into my life. It started in mid-January. At first, I wasn’t quite sure it was even much to worry about. It was only a bother during my commute. When I walked between the Transbay Bus Terminal and my local stop in downtown San Francisco – about half a mile – I lost sensation in my feet.

I mean, no biggie for someone with MS.  Continue reading

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Today is 110 years since the Great San Francisco Earthquake of 1906.

Trent shows off the historic photo we bought a few years ago for 3675 of SF burning after the 1906 quake.

Trent shows off the historic photo we bought a few years ago for 3675 of SF burning after the 1906 quake. Every Bay Area home needs such a thing.

I knew it the second I opened my work calendar this morning and looked at that date on the screen:

April 18 Continue reading

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This is my husband:


He’s wearing his grandfather’s Stetson, which he inherited today as part of a treasure trove of Pendleton shirts and jackets, amazingly hand-tooled and buckled belts, and Grandpa’s distinctive gold ring. Inside, it’s monogrammed “A.B.E.” for Andrew Burgess Eastwood (“Abe” being Grandpa’s nickname from his railroading days).  Continue reading

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Turn the Page

Selfie: Q1 complete, 2016.

Selfie: Q1 complete, 2016.

2016 has been a year of highs and lows thus far.

By now it’s no secret that I’ve struggled with my health since just about the moment I set down my new year’s champagne. Trent and I have both also been grappling with the loss of his grandfather, the impending loss of both my grandparents, and the sense of responsibility we feel to my mother and our want to be close to all our family far away during this “generational changing of the guard.” Continue reading

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