Lest you think I’m the only one that’s been KIND OF a mess this year…

Our deck at 3675 was HELLA gross.

And no, I haven’t given up on my list of to-dos for this old house. Despite being sick, and dealing with two grandparent deaths in one month, I’m STILL GETTING EVERYTHING DONE.

I feel a little bit like I’m about to have a nervous breakdown, but the s#!%’s getting crossed off the list.

For now.

Check out the crap they sanded off our deck, after just four years!



Luckily, they DID clean it up, and they did a decently-decent job. I give them a solid B on the Lisa Wisniewski cleanliness scale, which everyone knows is like a normal human’s A+. 

(I cleaned everything again myself a couple days later, including scrubbing the black streaks off the underside of the deck where the power washing flushed moldy scuzz through all the cracks; some things are SO GROSS THEY’RE AMAZING.)

Oh, and by “they”, I guess I should be clear that we determined the deck was definitely a “contractor job” this year. After four consecutive summers of tackling it on his own, Trent and I agreed he has graduated from ever having to sand or stain again.

Anyway, the moral here is Team Temple is still crushin’ the project list at 3675, whether we bring in outside help or not…

Sanding... in progress.

Sanding… in progress.



Beautifully refinished with a new sealant + stain combo selected to better hold up to our city-air grit and grime.

Beautifully refinished with a new sealant + stain combo selected to better hold up to our city-air grit and grime.

Ready for Summer #5!!!

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2 thoughts on “Rejuvenating

  1. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    I apologize that I passed the “worrywart gene” along to you, but I am happy to see that you got the “clean gene” from me, too. However, most of us will not go to the lengths that you do to eliminate dirt from their lives. Kudos to you for finding the dirtiest spot in the house (even though it is on the OUTSIDE the house), and making it clean again. There is nothing more beautiful than wood in its natural state. Hard to imagine how much city dirt and grime can pile up on it, even living on the beautiful San Francisco Bay. As for doing it yourself, smart move for hiring it out. I remember the one time I attempted to do that job by myself. My fingernails pealed off from being exposed to the deck cleaning solution. That was enough of that!!! (As for the “amazingly gross” things that can exist in your home, and of which you may not be aware, check your can opener blade next and have a blast cleaning it!)

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