Trent and I celebrated five years of marital bliss this past weekend.

It really has been bliss, but looking back, I just can’t believe how much life we’ve packed into five years. It’s way more than I ever expected; getting Sam, and buying our first home, and me changing jobs TWICE, and Trent changing jobs for the first time in FOREVER, and then buying our SECOND home… Not to mention all the travel (six countries in five years and who knows how many states!), and all the friends we’ve watched get married, and all the babies we’ve welcomed, and the three beloved grandparents we’ve buried…

Our life has been transformed; it’s now beyond anything we could have imagined five years ago.

On top of that, when we made our “official beginning” together, we did it in my hometown, surrounded largely by my friends and family, in my familiar setting; you know – the old-fashioned way. The whole thing looked and felt very “Lisa”:

Our wedding party in front of Michigan Central Rail Station.

Posing with our wedding-day crew at the Michigan Central Rail station.

Dive bar crawling through the ruins of Detroit the day after our wedding.

Dive bar crawling through the ruins of Detroit the day after our wedding.

And now, I have to smile, because I think our life is actually very Trent. It’s a little quieter, a little more down-home, a little more Californian, a little more Texan.

(Trent’s father’s family were 19th Century California landrushers, by the way; I researched their family tree off headstones in the Williams cemetery; his mother’s family are from San Antonio and I’ve spoken aplenty about his legendary KATY railroading grandfather, Burgess, here before).

I’m not saying there wasn’t any before, but these days there’s more building things, more raising things, more growing things. More taking it slow; more being outdoors. More not giving so much of a damn.

Waaayyy less throwing things at the TV during sports games, and waaayyy less threatening to punch people in the neck!

Our wedding party with Detroit's famous Joe Louis sculpture.

Like this!

Sure, you’ll never get me to give up my love of dirty dive bars and loud garage rock; you’ll never keep me out of an old decaying building and you’ll never get me to give up my dream of owning an original fastback Mustang. There are still some feisty arguments from time to time in our house where both of us wind up with our “Detroit showing”, because I’ve rubbed off on Trent, too, you know, and I consider his growing feistiness a strength (likewise, there have been some advances in marital communication that would make any UAW negotiator proud).

But overall, our days are marked by quieter, simpler things, as demonstrated by how we chose to spend our anniversary: roaming the Sierra Nevada foothills gold country around our vacation home…


Finding our way to the free range “town” of Sheep Ranch off the main pass near our house (and inside the Butte Fire burn scar; sobering to see).

Treasure in Sheep Ranch.

Treasure in Sheep Ranch.


Gold Country roadside views, headed to Mountain Ranch.

Gold mining relics everywhere.

Gold mining relics everywhere.


Stopping for a few cold ones at the Drytown Club: “The only wet spot in Drytown.”

I don’t think I would have ever expected this version of bliss, but that’s indeed what it is – bliss.

And I hope we have at least 50 more years of it.

Lisa + Trent: the five-year version.

Lisa + Trent: the five-year version.

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3 thoughts on “5

  1. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    I did not know that Trent’s family members were California land rushers! He has a rather distinctive pedigree. And I love the balance that he brings to your life. You get the best of both worlds, Detroit “steel” and California laid back charm. There is something awesome about walking around an abandoned gold rush town that is just as intriguing as exploring the ruins of the Packard plant in Detroit. I love the dive bars and the greasy fries and burgers and the bottled beer and the locals. To me they are just as “artful” and inspiring as a cathedral in Rome, and just as full of the ghosts of those who have gone before.

    But the best part of your lives is the way you have married yourselves to each other and your two worlds have collided into a wide and wonderful array of people and places and sights and sounds that one of you alone could not accomplish. What a gift to be able to say that. Trent is good for you and you are good for him, and nobody ever doubted that from the minute they watched you two walk down the aisle. It was a perfect match.

    By the way, I did not know you wanted an original fastback Mustang. Remember, your dad’s favorite car was his silver ’71 Mustang Mach 1 Fastback with steel wheels and chalk white letters on the tires. And don’t forget the little cushion on the console so you can sit next to your man (or he can sit next to you).

    Love, Mom

  2. Scott Rippee says:

    Love you guys! Great 5 year anniversary vacation!

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