Memorial Bay

Holiday weekend stroll in Old Town Alexandria.

Holiday weekend stroll in Old Town Alexandria.

Team Temple returned to “The District” for Memorial Day this year, only we didn’t quite stay there this time.

We’ve officially made a “tradition” out of visiting my sister on the most-patriotic-yet-mild-weatherwise weekend of the year in Washington D.C., but we no longer have only my sister to visit.

The guy she was “just hanging out with” last year on Memorial Day is still “hanging out”, you see. In fact — they live together now. So this year, Trent and I were excited to visit “Sarah AND Payton.”

And that meant taking a side trip to the Chesapeake Bay, where Payton grew up, and where his mom and stepdad still live.


We met the parents, too, by the way (!) — they are basically the sweeeteeessst people. His stepdad (who happens to be Sarah’s boss) is charming and approachable and Payton’s Alabama-born mother is positively effervescent; she showed up bearing a trunk full of culinary delights from the Deep South for Trent and I (and thank god, because I’ve become OBSESSED with Old Bay seasoning).

There’s a lot of sweetness going around in Payton’s part of the world, basically. Chesapeake is PRETTY SWEET. It’s beautiful without a shred of bourgeoisie — my favorite kind of place. The seafood is KILLER. The little cottages on the water… The old crab fisherman… The boat-in restaurants on the docks… The dive bars.

Dancing until close with the locals at the Corner Grille in Shady Side might have been the time of my life...

Dancing until close with the locals at the Corner Grille in Shady Side might have been the time of my life…

UGH. I love it!

And Payton. Man – my sister has something sweet there. Those two are truly a fit. It was so good to hang with him in his element; to meet his people, see where he’s from, hang out in his spots (until 2:00 AM) find out what makes him really tick (and gives him road rage).


It was the perfect three-part long holiday weekend:

PART 1: Fancy hotel in D.C. between Dupont and U Street for a night of party-party
PART 2: Bayside cottage for a very different night of party-party
PART 3: Quiet night in Alexandria at Sarah and Payton’s place with family

We will be back again next year, to hopefully visit the both of them.

But sorry – if you break up we're STILL COMING BACK! How could we not? (so don't break up...)

But sorry – if you break up we’re STILL COMING BACK! How could we not? (so don’t break up…)


See all our pics of Memorial “Bay” 2016, here


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6 thoughts on “Memorial Bay

  1. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    I wish I was there! I love that side of the country as much as I love the west side of the country. I am so lucky that my kids live in two beautiful places that I can visit (I wish with more frequency). I could make a career out of bouncing back and forth between the coasts. Lucky for you guys I don’t have the time right now, or Munga would be on your doorsteps with more frequency. You nailed Payton and his family to a “T” – sweet and nice. Those are the words that describe them best. Now I have a yen to go watch a Nicholas Sparks movie and eat crab cakes…….

  2. Denise says:

    What an awesome tradition you have all started! Simply beautiful!

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