Inched another step closer to the big 4-0 this week! YEEHAW!

OMG. 38.

OMG. 38.

But actually, it felt good. I know that sounds very unlike me, but – I’m not joking. 

After closing out a second half of my 37th year that was by no means enjoyable, I decided (last-minute) I wanted to celebrate my birthday in the company of people who helped me get through it all; people I drew strength from.

And that’s how it went down, and I’m happy I did it that way.

No crazy partying, no feeling “obligated” to anyone, no entertaining, no planning or taking care of things (which is hard for me; let’s be honest). I went to happy hour after work (for the first time in 2016!) with a small handful of friends who had been checking up on me throughout my recovery (and Trent’s grandfather’s passing, and my grandmother passing), and had made me feel truly loved and valued. I had what felt like real quality “friend time”.

Birthday happy hour, 2016. Ate dinner, made my bedtime!

Birthday happy hour, 2016. Ate dinner, made my bedtime!

And then, one of my very old and dear friends flew up from San Diego to spend the rest of the weekend in the mountains with Trent and I: John McMahon, and his wife Ashley and precious toddler Riley.

(BTW, click that link up there because that is still some of my finest writing on this here blog… just sayin’…)

BONUS! We got to take Riley for her first river tubing run (she is a fearless, precocious, amazingly spirited little girl)…

Riley runs Big Stan (on Mom's lap until she's at least 48" tall, of course).

Riley runs Big Stan (on Mom’s lap until she’s at least 48″ tall, of course).

AND! A BEAR wandered up on our property Sunday morning! I was totally stoked to send Riley home with THAT memory (even though there’s little chance she’ll actually remember it, since she’s only 19 months old…)…



Anyway, I am happy to close the book on 37. It’s time, and I feel like I’m beginning 38 with some much needed clarity and a renewed focus on the important things in life, so that I can harness what precious energy I do have for the next chapter. That sounds really new-agey and normally I hate that crap, but…

Hey-0. It’s a new age.

That's me, 1978 - 2016.

That’s me, 1978 – 2016.


See all our pictures of my 38th birthday weekend here.


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3 thoughts on “38

  1. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    I can’t imagine anybody spending 1978 to 2016 better than you did, Lisa! You have accomplished a truly remarkable 38 years, more than most in a lifetime. I am glad you were able to spend this week with family and friends, enjoying the beauty of nature and getting stoked about what is really important. Some might call that “new age”, but I call it “self-actualized”. An “unexamined life is not worth living”. And it will energize you for the next 38 years. (Please carry bear repellant with you when you go out in the yard!) Happy Birthday! Love, Mom

  2. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    I just re-read the epic wedding blog for John McMahon. What an absolutely enjoyable and amusing walk down memory lane that was! Not many people have memories like that to cherish. And lucky for your friends that you “archived” those memories for all of us to enjoy again. You should put your blogs into an “adult yearbook” for all your friends and share them as wedding anniversary gifts. I, for one, will read them again and again. Thanks for the memories, Lisa.

  3. […] Birthday weekend with the McMahons and the BACKYARD BEAR! […]

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