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Super proud of myself this week. I’ve just returned from my first speaking gig representing Adobe – at the Americans for the Arts Annual Convention in Boston – and it went really well.

Nailed it! Chillaxin' at my amazing BnB after my session.

Nailed it! Chillaxin’ at my amazing BnB after my session.

I shan’t go into all the details of what I spoke about; I’ll save that for another post because soon I’m going to have lots to share, including some awesome pics and video, too. For now, I’ll just ask you to trust that it. is. awesome.

And the nonprofit and civic leaders at the AFTA convention agreed. Felt good, because it’s not easy to exist in the intersection of super-corporate and super-creative. But after nearly one year at Adobe, it’s clear that my existence (at least at the moment) is thriving.

But to be totally truthful, I’m really feeling like I arrived because I got tweet-quoted, by total strangers! Twice, after my session:



That’s never happened to me before!

It isn’t exactly what I said (“The artists aren’t nonprofit and that’s they way it should be; we don’t want them to have to be nonprofit”) but, it’s the general sentiment. I mean, Twitter’s got rules after all.


So, though I’m completely exhausted from all the WORK in my life right now, I do admit – I’m completely energized at the same time. Weird state to be in. Luckily, I go on corporate shutdown in 11 days, so get ready for me to turn on a countdown soon…

(and then don’t talk to me until I get back, please)

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2 thoughts on “My Voice

  1. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    You have earned a rest. Rest so you can pour more energy and passion into the next project. The non-profit community needs a voice in the for-profit world.. I am glad you got heard.

  2. […] months I’ve been waiting for the moment when I finally got to write a blog about the really, really, really big thing I’ve been doing at work this past year – my first year at Adobe. It’s the biggest […]

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