Shut Down: Summer Seasonal

Today was one of those days that makes you wanna lock yourself in the most remote bathroom in the farthest reaches of your office, rub your face against the cold steel stall wall for a while, pound your forehead slooowwwly a few times in frustration, and then just cry it out.

Cry. It. Out.

That might have happened, actually. I might have done that today. Did I?

Yep. I did.

If it could go wrong today, it did. But at this point, I don’t give a flying f#@%. Because a colleague wrote me right at the end of the day that “Things that are broken will work again, promise!! It means you are pushing lots of edges!”

And I like that (thank god someone could see civilization crumbling around me)

She also told me to drink lots of cocktails, which I’m CLEARLY gonna do.

BECAUSE ITS SUMMER SHUTDOWN. And I’m outta here now for ten days.

On the road to the mountain house for summer shutdown 2016

On the road to the mountain house for shutdown. 


(Technically I’m working tomorrow but seriously, if you email me with a major catastrophe I will crumble your civilization…)

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3 thoughts on “Shut Down: Summer Seasonal

  1. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    No problems, no progress. Things have to fall apart before they can come together again. Step away and enjoy the respite. Sometimes things will fix themselves. You are out of there! Lucky you! Drink a cocktail and forgeddabbouddittt for a while. Have fun!

  2. […] Summer Shutdown was the stuff of dreams for a whirling dervish of stressiness like me. […]

  3. […] summer break from work at Adobe starts on Friday. I’ve got senioritis like the captain of the NHS […]

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