Mountain Ride


We got a new car!

It’s crazy to say that with nothing but pure elation in my heart soul. After all, the last time we got a new car, there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth. My beloved Car had finally died a slow death by weak strut after nearly 16 years and 240,000 miles on the road, and I unwillingly surrendered her under emergency conditions in the parking lot of a Hyundai dealership in San Leandro on a Wednesday night. 

But this time, things were different.

This time, we got a new car by very purposeful choice. We got the car we needed and wanted (with no disrespect to our little Hyundai hatchback, which actually treated us quite well these past four years, all while getting 38 MPG).

This time, we got a car for MOUNTAIN PEOPLE. Which is what we are now –

– an all wheel drive, icy silvery-blue, pimped-out Subaru Forrester with the biggest damn sun roof you’ve ever seen.

Meet our new baby:




No joke.

No joke.

We were made for each other. All we need now is a name…

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2 thoughts on “Mountain Ride

  1. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    That is the perfect vehicle for your little family (dog dishes must be a sign!)! I hate buying cars, too, but they sure are fun to drive (sometimes). I hope you kept up the family tradition by stopping for ice cream (vegan, of course), on your first ride home. And dad finally quit rolling over in his grave after Sarah’s Toyota purchase. He would just be happy to see you in a nice safe car for the ride up the mountain. I hope you have many happy hours in it, enjoying the sunshine and blue sky through that fabulous new sun roof, which is bigger than my entire car!!! Love, Mom

  2. says:

    Congratulations… you will love owning a Subaru — I personally think you should name “HIM” ARNOLD…. after all that’s why you bought HIM and no girl would be caught DEAD having “all wheel drive”… Can’t wait to see it “in person” in September.
    Love ya, CA Mom

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