The Wall

I don’t know what it is with me, but I’m OBSESSED with family photos, and finding myriad new ways to display them around both my houses.

(and also archive tens of thousands of them online, of course)

Maybe it’s because we always had a RAD family photo wall in my house growing up as a kid… I mean, RAAADDD. My mom knew no bounds with her collaging and hanging, people. “Gallery wall” my ass – Munga mastered that shit in the 70s.

I feel like the most important thing I can do to carry on her legacy is to not only wallpaper my own house in family photos, but to also simultaneously up the ante a little (yes, I think about this a lot!). You know; come up with new “themes”, “arrangements”, etc. Really make her proud.

I made a gallery wall above my (steep, old) stairs from the photos displayed at my wedding, as an homage to Team Temple's beginnings.

The gallery wall above my (steep, old) stairs is made up of old photos I collected and displayed at my wedding, as an homage to Team Temple’s beginnings.

Are you laughing? Probably. But this is seriously my passion.

I’ve done pretty well in our Oakland house thus far; however, now that we’re one year deep in at the cabin I have a new idea… and I’m geeking out about it (to quote Munga).

In our little square mudroom, after our Labor Day housewarming last year, I hung this large canvas print of the excellent friends who helped us christen our new home:

Can't believe this was a year ago already!

Everyone stops to admire it on their way into our house. 🙂 

And now that we’ve had ANOTHER amazing Labor Day at Mustang Ranch, I’ve decided that every year, when we repeat this tradition, we’ll get a group photo of the friends we share it with – our family – and add it to the walls of the mud room, until the room is PACKED.

So, here we go:

Year 2 Crew!

Year 2 Crew: Marlene, Zoe (+unborn), Micah, Kristyn, Mike (minus Ed, who had already crossed the river, dammit)!

You’ll have to come to the cabin to see how it all fits together (but make no doubt, I’ll make it look gooooood). 

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One thought on “The Wall

  1. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    I am so proud of the fact that you got my “photo gallery gene”!!! Ha! I always said that family pictures are the most beautiful art in the world. They are full of history and tell a story about us that is crammed full of laughter and good (and bad) memories that make us who we are. Or maybe it was just because I did NOT get the interior design gene and didn’t know how to pick out real art. But I commend you, daughter, for your drive to maintain the tradition. Every time you look at those walls you will be reminded of the people in your life who made those moments possible. And one day, when some of us are dead and gone, you will have an indelible memory that cannot be replaced by a tastefully frame piece of contemporary art. And note this, I have now discovered that you can keep hanging pictures all the way up to the ceiling, which leaves room for more! I am going to try it! Holes in the wall be damned! Love the memories!

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