I’ve been struggling mightily for a week now, unable to figure out how to channel the sadness, anger, disappointment, rage, and downright despair I feel over the 2016 presidential election.

I really believed that, by now, I’d see a way forward. I thought I’d give it a week, sleep on it (a few times over), talk to friends, seek my enlightened family’s counsel, throw myself back into some good work, and things would start to settle themselves out.

I thought I’d be on a positive, problem-solving track. Or, at least, I thought I’d begin to see a clear path – to something.

But it’s not happening. 

Instead, the path is more obscured than ever. The sky is more ominous. The stories coming in from even my own friends and family, of their personal experiences in #trumpsamerica, are so blisteringly disheartening, that I cannot even look to the future.

Because it frightens me.

All I can do is stand in place, clenched from head to toe, ready to fight.

And meditate on these words:

“Hitler is credited with having a rapidly-increasing following among the workers disgruntled by the high cost of living. It is also said many ultra-radicals, including Communists, have flocked to his reactionary banner. He is beginning to draw support from the politically sluggish middle classes, which in Bavaria, however, are not so sluggish as in Berlin.

Even more significant there is active, more passive support and to a still greater extent sympathetic interest for the Hitler movement among the Bavarian loyalists, among monarchists and militarists and in government and political circles, apparently coupled with the idea that the movement would prove a useful tool if it could be controlled by their special interests. But there is also the latent fear that the movement might wax beyond control“.

New York Times: Tuesday, Nov 21, 1922.

New York Times: Tuesday, Nov 21, 1922.

am ready to fight.

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2 thoughts on “Despair

  1. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    SAD. SCARY. PROFOUND. Thank you for being a voice for us, Lisa. Stay vigilant. Stay strong. Stay brave. Words are powerful. You have power. The world needs people like you so we do not repeat history.

  2. Sarah says:

    Good! We shouldn’t sleep on it. It shouldn’t become “normal”. We need to say scared and ready to fight. Don’t think of this as despair. Think of it as motivation. There is no path forward unless we feel the sadness and anger. Let those push you forward on a path of love. Overwhelming love. Hateful cowards can never face true, love. Let them give you the courage to hold your country accountable. They are your greatest weapons right now. There are more of us than of them. Peaceful resistance has always been what changes the world. We’re still here, and we are more powerful than hate. #notcomplicit.

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