Chronic Creationism

I gave birth to a special baby this weekend. I named it Adobe Career Bootcamp.


I’ve been working on it for just about exactly nine months now (but honestly, I could have planned its arrival a little better; not gonna lie). Still, I test drove it in-utero while at Adobe MAX earlier this month, and I knew it would be a special addition to the world…

Bootcamp mini-trial at Adobe MAX Day 0, November 1st.

Bootcamp mini-trial at Adobe MAX Day 0, November 1st.

Now, it’s out of the womb. And, I gotta admit – I’m a more proud mama than I ever expected.

My colleague and I flew to Chicago this past weekend to hold the first-ever full-fledged Adobe Career Bootcamp at the College of Du Page in the west side suburbs (an Adobe campus and one of our Partners By Design schools). And we KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK. Out of the park like a David Ross homer in Game 7 of the World Series!

Students waiting to checkin for Bootcamp. At 9:00 AM. ON A SATURDAY.

Students waiting to check in for Bootcamp. At 9:00 AM. ON A SATURDAY.

We taught some serious soft skills at Bootcamp. We downright launched some creative careers. We reviewed portfolios. We mock interviewed. We turned compliments into job offers.


I dare say we made a difference in some lives.

And it was just what I needed right now.

I felt a spark of hope (is this an Obamaland thing?!), a spark of purpose… I don’t know how long I’ll be able to hold onto it, but…


DUDE. One of my pupils wrote a poem about the session I taught on strategically accepting compliments (after which I gave him more compliments, of course). There was something real about this day for me.

Plus, I got to go to Chicago for all of it. There’s no underestimating the positive vibes Adobe Career Bootcamp absorbed, based on the sheer fact that I chose to kick it off in Chicago. Chicago is just my kind of town. For realz. No matter how shitty the weather. And it was shitty; the kind of shitty that requires you to purchase three different kinds of hair products during your three day stay to deal with three different kinds of shitty humidity hair.

But anyways – NOT shitty…

I got to visit the things my friends have given birth to recently…

Cindy and wee baby William!

Cindy and wee baby William!

My very, very special way-back friends, and newer, still-special friends, too…

Casey, Kathryn, Cindy and I.

Casey, Kathryn, Cindy and I.

Me and Viola.

Me and Viola.

Lou, Kristin, and I.

Lou, Kristin, and I.

Kid party at Kathryn's!

Kid party at Kathryn’s! Kath and I have known each other since we were about Austin’s age. 

(because Chicago is for everything special)

I really need to stop giving birth to things. It would be good for my sanity if I did, but then again, sometimes I think it’s the only reason I am still sane…

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One thought on “Chronic Creationism

  1. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    What a great way to start Thanksgiving Day! Boot Camp is indeed something for which we can be thankful. Lisa, you are the “mother” of great ideas, and I thank you for that. Isn’t it something how the creative pursuits can change lives? And if they can change lives, then I venture to say they can change the world. You are a world changer. We need world changers who can call attention to the possibilities. This creates hope. Your work is your baby, and you can continue to nurture it and watch it grow, so some of those other babies will have a better world in which to work and play. I am hopeful.

    I hope you collect all the poems and testimonials and creative moments and save them for your portfolio. If nothing else, on a discouraging day you can pull them out and re-visit why you are doing all this. Don’t stop. I would like you to teach me how to receive a compliment, too. I think I stink at it.

    And Chicago is such a great town, despite the shitty weather and the shitty hair days. Something about all that makes it more fun. I am glad that you were able to fit two generations of friends into the mix and celebrate with them.

    Parenting (of anything) is no easy task. New babies. New ideas. New hope for all of us in the new year. Stay sane.



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