Tree, v.2016

We have secured –

– the 2016 Temple Family Christmas Tree!

Trent after cutting our 2016 tree, blissfully unaware that you can't really touch this thing anywhere besides the green stuff.

Trent after cutting our 2016 tree, blissfully unaware that you can’t really touch this thing anywhere besides the green stuff. Cypress trees are painfully prickly, people. Pretty and PRICKLY. Beauty is pain.

We went tree hunting this past weekend in Petaluma for the third year in a row with our friends Jessica and Larry. We adore this kickoff to our holiday season; it’s a real tradition now in the Temple household. But THIS year was special, since the little bundle of joy Jessica was carting along in utero last year was out in full banana-biscuit-gobbling force for 2016, ready to have a say in her second (technically, but by just a few days) Christmas tree: 





It’s really fun to share this tradition with friends, and to think that while Madison is just a wobbly little wee right now who likes to nibble tree bits more than anything else, next year she’ll probably be running all over the farm. And then she’ll probably be picking out the tree. And then she’ll probably be telling us that the trees we pick are lame… And so on and so forth…

And we’ll remember when she was indeed being carted around the farm in utero, and mom complained that that photo made her look “BIGGER THAN THE WHEELBARROW!!!”

It’s really fun. 🙂

I mean, LOOK AT HER:



I love my friends, and I love their kids. I still don’t want any of my own, but I sure do want to play with theirs. A lot.

PSST – And babysit!

Oh, and don’t worry – mom and dad got Madison a nice, soft Monterey Pine. Great for decorating (possibly nibbling), no need to worry about injuries of any sort. Trent and I finished our cypress with a few bloody fingers and are pleased with the results, nonetheless:

Ta da!

Ta da!

Bring on the holidays! Ho, ho, ho.


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2 thoughts on “Tree, v.2016

  1. Ahhh this is so cute – the whole post. It IS the season kick off – I love it!
    Whenever you have a free Saturday night we will take the BABYSITTING offer 🙂

  2. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    Beauty is a pain! But your tree certainly is bee-too-ti-ful, Clark! There is nothing like the family tradition of cutting down and decorating the tree every year, and you certainly do a much better job than I did. I remember the year I had to wire the whole stinkin’ thing to your dad’s weights because it kept tipping over. I just don’t have the knack. And Trent looks so at home in the woods. Just like a lumberjack! Lotta sap. Lotta sap.

    But that baby is so darn CUTE!!! And so darn lucky to have an “auntie” like Lisa! You are the perfect babysitter. You can relate to kids without all the hassles. Enjoy them from the position of a third party observer and have a blast. And no matter how much fun she makes of the whole tree thing, just remember that deep down, she really wants a tree for Christmas. Everyone does. It’s what separates us from the animal kingdom. We celebrate life. We don’t take it for granted. We enjoy the beauty that can still be found in it. And then we share it with others.

    I want to wish you and your friends and their babies a happy start to the holiday season and the ho-ho-ho merriest Christmas since Bing Crosby tap danced with Danny F@#$!%&* Kaye!



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