You know that saying “life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans?”

Well, as 2016 was wearing on and on and on and generally being disappointing on an unprecedented level, I really started to feel those words of wisdom in my bones. For the first time in my life, I started to feel, well…


But here’s the thing; it was all my own fault.

I’m a notorious plannypants, and I’m well-known for keeping not only my own but pretty much all my friends’ social calendars chock-full with a year-round regimen of meticulously planned engagements:

I mean, I could go on. And on. You get the point.

I make the party. It’s my thing. 

What can I say? I like to have all the people over. And cook all the food. And drink all the beers.

What can I say? I like to have all the people over. And cook all the food. And drink all the beers.

But something about actually believing the world might be ending, got me thinking that maybe I was making too many plans.

Something about that neverending, nagging sense of panic, and urgent need to just sit and think about it all for a second – about what I should be focusing on in life… Only I never had time to just sit and think because I have a career in hyperdrive and a million volunteer passion-projects and then I kept layering all the “FUN” on top…

Nonstop, every day, every weekend, every day off, every day ON…

Until I finally had a revelation. And made a resolution.

That 2017 would be my year of “no plans.”

I spoke about it to a few people; I committed to it to my husband and a few close friends. I warned them, mostly; “Just FYI, I’m gonna take a break from planning so much stuff in 2017.”

*cough*  Don’t cry to me when no one reserves the best campsites this summer!

While I never really said I’m not going to plan anything – I mean, I’m still Lisa – I definitely made it as real as I could.

And now, here I am: it’s February already and honest to god, I haven’t. planned. a single. thing. So far this year.

And here’s the amazing thing; I’ve had so much enjoyable free time. My life feels “full” in a relaxing way.

Not only have I had weekend days of absolute NOTHINGNESS, but I’ve also had things pop up, and people ask me if I wanted to do them, and I could actually say YES. I could actually accept invitations, because I hadn’t planned myself to death.

I got to go to a protest in San Francisco this past weekend because I had NO PLANS on a Saturday evening. When the protest popped up in my Facebook feed, all I had to do was say “going.”

Protesting in SF, 2.4.17. Because I could.

Protesting in SF, 2.4.17. Because I could.

Trent and I are actually jetting off on an overnight next week for our best man, Scott’s, birthday party in Fresno – because we CAN. We have NO PLANS.

I just told my sister I am coming back to D.C. to crash with her in April for the Climate March because I CAN. I have NO PLANS (yes, I would normally be planned up through April right now).

I didn’t have to plan any of this stuff; I stopped making my other plans, and life just keeps happening.

I’m less than two months into my new existence and I know I can’t go zero-plans forever, but I have to say, so far, it’s working out pretty darn well.

That is, until next year, when I turn 40, and then all plannyhell breaks loose…

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2 thoughts on “Nada

  1. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    Seriously?? You are not going to make plans? Amazing! I am very happy for you! While all of us enjoy and benefit from the amazing plans that you make (I have had so many delightful, worry free vacations because of you), I will not be disappointed to see you take a break and just “be” for a while. When you do you will begin to notice, and then take advantage of those delightful “once in a lifetime” opportunities that come at you in the middle of the day on a Wednesday afternoon. Those moments are filled with possibilities and your life will change because of them. Maybe even for the better.

    I truly understand your desire to “suck the marrow out of the bone of life”. It is an inherited trait. Your dad had it, and it became even more pronounced when he found out he had a life threatening disease. But sometimes just resting and “being” for a while can be the best plan of all.

    Your lack of planning may be the catalyst for the rest of us to take a little more initiative and start doing things for ourselves. Maybe we should start making our own plans. Although I must confess, I will miss your plans dearly. Or, maybe, I will just stop and be for a while myself.

  2. […] calling my “no plans resolution” for 2017 a success still at this point. Yes, I’ve planned a COUPLE things — I’m not gonna lie. But […]

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